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New to the forum from Columbia, SC

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Hello forum! I am new to the Glock forum and a Glock 'retread'. I have owned Glocks in the past ( 21 and 30) but gave them up when other financial interests prompted a liquidation. Now that I have regained my sanity, I am back.

I am very interested in joining the ranks of IDPA and would appreciate any advise ANYONE can offer on how to most successful in preparing myself utilizing the Glock platform.

I currently have a 34 I purchased for competition and have a 26 for EDC.

In the short time I have been following the forum, I have come to enjoy each and everyone's perspective and the zeal they hold for our choice platform!
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Glad you came to your senses!! Now look out for the lunacy in here!! JK,JK, Really, Welcome and Enjoy!!
Welcome to the Glock Forum !!

Visit our GSSF / IDPA subforum for answers...
Welcome to the forum, and welcome back to Glock! ;)
Welcome back capital. Once a Glock always a Glock.
Welcome to the Forum! I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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