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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by pmsilver, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am a new shooter, I started shooting in December. I have a Glock19 gen4. Comments are appreciated on my target which is at 7 yards.

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  2. mlawrence

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    Were the ones that are outside the center your first shots? Or the first shot of each set?

  3. They are random. I can feel myself sometimes push the gun down. Don't know why. Maybe anticipating recoil?
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    Yes anticipation can cause that most definitely. Finger placement on the trigger and hand placement on the grip are very important as well. Just remember to squeeze evenly and let the shot suprise you. Practice dry firing and listening to the click as if it were a shot.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum pmsilver !!

    Good shooting...
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    Hey, Pmsilver, WELCOME to the Forum!

    If you could, head over to "Introductions" and post a *Hi there* so everyone else has a chance to say Hi back at ya!

    Nice target. What was the center elevation, at chest-height?
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    Not bad, the dry fire will help with the flinch, also try a sighting in target and see where you are putting your shots. Practice often, not just spray lead down range, take time to look and see what the results are.
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    Another way to check if you are anticipating recoil is to get some snap caps, and randomly load them in your mag. That way when you hit one if you here click and you move off target you are anticipating, if not then you are fine.

    I actually don't have this problem, but I spent years shooting air soft and paintball guns so there was never any recoil to anticipate.

    Also someone else found this site for me:

    Some cool stuff in there including custom targets to download and print out.
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    Not bad for seven yards!
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    An exercise I use to help make the shooter more conscious of flinch and recoil anticipation/heeling:

    Place a SPENT CARTRIDGE on top of the slide after racking it with no magazine and chamber empty. The casing will block the sights, that's OK. Pretend you see the front sight, aim in a safe direction with the rear sight only, and squeeze the trigger. If the casing falls or jerks or tilts, this is lack of follow-thru (pistol is moved). Especially helpful with revolvers and small semiautos.

    Just a thought....
  11. Thanks everyone for all your help. I was shooting at chest level. I followed some of the recommendations here at shot better tonight. I will post my target tomorrow.
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    Good for you!

    Remember: practice is key, muscle memory is king!
  13. And slow is smooth, smooth is fast!