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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by AverageCitizen, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. AverageCitizen

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    I am new to the world of firearms and having a Glock 21 as my first one. I have been looking online at several sites for aftermarket parts I just wanted to get yalls opinion on "upgrading" with aftermarket stuff because their are literally hundreds of thing you can buy. I am a tinkerer by nature I have to take stuff apart to see how it works my questions are.

    Sights are Glock sights bad?
    Barrels are the stainless steel needed?
    Guide rods do I need a steel one or a tungsten?
    Spring weight stiffer or lighter? Whats best?
    Should I mess with stuff in the slide? Firing pin little springs etc?
    Should I do anything to the trigger?

    Or should I just leave it alone?
  2. ChromeDome

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    I'm pretty sure if you give folks a chance to reply, you will get more info than you even wanted.:rolleyes: There are some pretty sharp shooters(pun intended) on the forum.

  3. Glock897

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    Leave it alone for now. Since this is your first gun, just get used to it. After some time has passed, you can start tinkering with it if you want. On my first glock, all I did was change the sights(to night sights) and I added a hogue grip.

    The glock is a great gun and doesn't need any upgrading. People will change things to modify it to their liking, but IMO nothing needs to be changed.
  4. Glock897 is right. Leave it stock until you've had enough experience to decide what modifications you will want. You may want different mods for different shooting activities.
  5. AverageCitizen

    AverageCitizen New Member

    Cool thanks I was just wondering
  6. gen4_G21

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    I've had G21's and I have a Gen 4 21 right now. It's bone stock, the only mods I'll be doing are...
    Trijicon night sights and that's just about it. Lol. That's just me personally. The only reason I want the night sight is in case of a "bug out" situation.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    On my first glock, a G22, all I did, besides it coming with night sights, was add an extended slide stop lever and extended mag release. And I only did that after several range sessions with it. It's all personal preference. Do what makes you more comfortable with it.
  8. KeenansGarage

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    Go shoot it a bunch first. You will find out what you like and wht you don't like. As you meet more Glock shooters, you can try out their modifications to see what you like.

    Typically, the sights are going to be the first to go. That is almost universal. Good luck and enjoy it buddy!

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Go try out some sights before you buy new ones, figure out what ones you like best.
  10. kodiak

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    I concur with everyone above: resist the urge to tinker right now and focus on weapon proficiency.
  11. This is your first gun, and a Glock. The only option for doing things right is to leave it COMPLETELY stock until you have a MINIMUM of 2000 rounds through it. This wil give you the only solid foundation of what you do and do not like. There are so many products because so many people need to many different things.

    Remember that a Glock really is perfect off the shelf. Is it perfect for you? Maybe not, but probably very close. It is perfect in that it will not fail you, ever. So shoot it, enjoy it, get to know it. I am also a tinker by trade, as you can see below my post. There is a link, the last in my signature, that will teach you to completely take her apart and reassemble. I can have my entire gun stripped and back together in literally under three minutes. There are many here that can do several glocks in that time.