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    I just bought a g19. Gen 3, brand new. And can't hit the center of the target more than once or so per clip, i even attached a laser and calibrated it using a bore sighter. Has anyone heard or have had any problems with accuracy? One minute it is shooting right with the laser and the next i have to aim high and to the right. In order to hot center? I am new to the firearm game and have no clue, some of my buddies go to range 3-4 times a week and they said something is off
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    Welcome to the forum Diesel!! Someone will help you with your dilemma shortly! Enjoy!

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    Hi. You are most likely anticipating the recoil and dipping your grip before the bullet leaves the barrel. See if you can locate some dummy rounds. Load them randomly in a mag. When you hear click and no bang, see if you dipped your grip.

    Also, practice dry firing. The most important thing is that you squeeze the trigger and let each discharge be a surprise. If you anticipate the recoil you will not be accurate. Remember the recoil happens after the bullet leaves the barrel.
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    Welcome to the forum BabaaBooey!! Enjoy!
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    Hitting low left is normal for first time GLOCK owners.
    Get rid of the laser right after you check the rear sight. It should appear to be pretty much centered (side to side) in the groove of the slide. It also should not move with firm pushing but be careful there! It should feel steady is what I'm trying to say.

    Low left hits most likely means you have too little finger on the trigger or you're squeezing the grip with your strong hand while pulling the trigger. It may be that to are jerking too.

    Study some proper gripping procedures too. Yea, get rid of the laser that's what I said. It causes you to look at the target (pretty red/green dancing light) when you need to learn how to align the sights first.

    Look, a target that helps:
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    Hello, Diesel10, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Congrats on your Glock, but sorry to hear you are having aiming issues with it.

    Might I suggest this: only the meaty part of the trgger finger should be on the trigger (the flesh beneath the fingernail), not the fingertip nor the first joint. Try that and let us know how it works out. Oh, and turn the laser off while you try it, use the sights first.

    Hope that helps!

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    Welcome to the Forum diesel! This is a great community. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    WElcome Diesel,
    I was going to post taht shooting wheel, too, but G-23 beat me too it.

    Take a look at the wheel and then at your target, it shoudl give you a good indication of whats going on. This, of course, is provided that your rear sight is tight in the groove. Since it's new, i don't think it should have an issue.
    Take off the laser. Set it aside. Shoot the gun without it until you can consistently hit in the area you are aiming, then put the laser back on.
    The laser adds weight, which could through you off, AND the laser is there for "Reflex" shooting in an emergency. What happens when the battery goes out? You'll need to be proficient with those "iron" sights.

    Please post a pic of your target so we can take a look at shot groupings. There are plenty of great shooters on here who can help you (i'm just average).


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    I love hearing everyones advice. Great feedback.
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    Welcome to the forum. I have 2 G19 Gen 3s. Love them. I find that when my shooting is off, it's usually me... The target shown a few posts up is really helpful.
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    Thanks everyone for the advice, i will give it a shot when i go to the range this week. I will give an update then, Thanks again