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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gcbear, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, My name is Steve. I live in the Chicago area and am new to firearms especially handguns. I got a Glock 21 last month and have been to a range twice so far. Until last month I had NEVER fired any type of pistol. I had fired rifles in the military many moons ago and an occasional shotgun. My friend who's a retired policeman recommended to me Glock just for it's simplicity. He was right it's real simple to strip down and clean once I got the hang of it. Just wanted to stop in and say Hi.
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    Thank you for your service and welcome to the forum!:)

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    Welcome to the forum!!!
    You will find lots of information here and some great people here.
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    Welcome to the forum and the Glock family
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Steve!
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    Welocme to the Forum.. How is that new one shooting for you.
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    Welcome to the forum. Just a fore warning.... Start saving your money now, cause you are gonna want another Glock soon. Enjoy!!

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    Welcome and greetings from another G21 owner! Love mine. I'm sure you'll grow to love yours, if you're not already there.
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    Great crew here.
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    Welcome to the forum Steve! Enjoy!
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    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to get information, just ask away.
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    So far so good, The first time I fired it I put just a couple of rounds in the clip just to see how the gun would react. Needless to say I was rather impressed with it's power for someone who never fired a pistol. Always had a deep respect for what fire arms are about this just made me more respectful of them.

    With that past me, learning to hold it right was the main thing seeing I sort of tore up my right thumb a bit from the slide catching it a few times. After 100 rounds I felt like it had kicked my butt. I was tired. My aim wasn't too bad considering my eyesight isn't what it used to be. I could at least hit the targets...LOL

    My second time out aim got a bit better and I was able to shoot the 21 one handed. I did this for 1 clip. Wanted to try this to see how one could do that way. Also remebered to hold it right to avoid tearning my thumb up again. We do have fun shooting and I quite like it. Am also learning a bit more about handguns as I go.

    I'm giving thoughts about the Glock 17 seeing it's a 9mm and might be a bit less expensive on ammo.
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    Welcome to the Forum Steve! This is a great community. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  14. Welcome to the forum gcbear!!!! A G21 is a fine choice for a first time pistol!! It was my first glock and still is my only glock. Enjoy your stay here!!!!
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    Hello gcbear and WELCOME to the Forum!

    I hope you got your grip straightened out now!