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    Im looking for new sights for my Glock 17. Im not looking for anything fancy that glows. I just really am not a fan of the goal post. My handgun experience is just 3 dots, maybe yellow in rear and orange up front. Im looking around and can't find anything under $50. That's alot more then I want to spend. Anyone have something like I described they are looking to get rid of, or maybe point me in the right direction.
  2. Try this...neon orange/yellow/green/whatever color gloss nail polish on front sight and black Dry erase marker on rear sight. Little cost, and if it works, use black permanent marker on rear sight.

    I have Truglo tritium front sight and blacked out rear sight on my G23 and it is a fast sight to get on target.

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    You can always go with the Ameriglo rear sights for $30 that are plain black or the Ameriglo tritium rear sights which are $50. Or you can slide out your Glock rear sights, turn them around 180 degrees and then you'll no longer have the goal post. If you want red front and green rear you're going to have to spend $60. Sights are the most important upgrade and you get what you pay for.