New Sights for G17 and G19

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  1. Polygonal

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    I have stock sights for both my G17 and G19, and have heard the plastic can break under stress, so thinking of upgrading to steel sights with perhaps a red or green front site, however, I have also read that it takes special tools to remove and install the sights. Do I need to send my Gen3 G17 and Gen G19 (California - we can't get Gen4) away to get this done?
  2. Lucian_253

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    Most local gun shops will install for $30 or less. Or you can buy a rear sight pusher.

  3. lschne

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    I installed xs big dots myself,they come with everything you need. You will need a vice to hold the slide. It took about 30 minutes.
  4. Polygonal

    Polygonal New Member

    Are the Glock OEM night sights polymer or steel?
  5. chowser51

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    Steel for oem. We get them on our duty guns
  6. Lucian_253

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    I run the XS Big Dots on my 19 gen.3. Took a little getting used to, but they are my favorite self defense sights to the Trijicon HD's. 3rd I like the Ameriglo I-Dot Pros.
  7. Room112

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    Trijicon HD GLT101O

    glocked and loaded
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  8. g30shooter

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    I have Truglo TFOs on my 27 and 23; green front and back. Absolutely love those sights. I just bought a Blue Label Gen 5 Glock 19 with AmeriGlo BOLD sights installed. These are very good sights. The BOLD are proprietary Glock sights, but the Spartans are essentially the same sight and are very nice also.

    The price point in these two sights are around $100 and they can be purchased directly or through your LGS.
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  9. Easy_CZ

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    My LGS gunsmith installed mine in 10 minutes for $20. Keeping it local.
  10. Woodsman70

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    Once I tried the TFO sights on my G23, I immediately ordered them for my other pistols. They are so easy to see in any condition from pitch black to bright sunshine. A winner for sure.
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  11. DAVEF

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    They are highly visible, but can be a little delicate. Take care in keeping solvents off of them. The fiber optic/tritium inserts can be damaged from solvents. In addition, depending upon how the gun it carried they can be damaged. The rear TFO sights on my wife's and my 42's have both chipped. Possibly from carrying in packs/bags. I have also had a set on a 17 that just faded and became pretty dim at night within just a year. The daytime fiber optic glow was still ok. That set was not damaged from carry. One of Truglo's strengths however, is their customer service. I called them regarding the first set on the 17 that became dim. They replaced that set with no questions. After the rear sight got chipped on my 42, I called them again and described what happened including the manner in which I carried it. They said it shouldn't have happened even with the rear sight rubbing against the inside of my pack. They replaced that set. I have kept that set as a replacement for my wife's and put Glock night sights on my 42. Now my wife's is beginning to have the same issue and I will eventually switch them out with the spare set. But, I cannot say enough good things about their service.
  12. g30shooter

    g30shooter Well-Known Member

    I think the TFX sights are even better if possible. The outlines make it easy day or night for even old tired eyes to see.
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  13. Semper Fi

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    I just ordered the trijicon bright and tough night sights for my new glock19 gen 4 , its an easy install I just don't have the vise tool to install myself which runs $140.00 dollars , having local gun shop and my FFL dealer install them for 20 bucks . awesome look on the pistol can't go wrong with trijicon sites .good luck
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  14. oak96

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    I have trijicon hd sights on my Glock 17. I'm a new gun owner. My first gun I purchased a year ago was a Glock 17 Gen 4. I put the night sights on my gun and love them.

    I do dry fire practice. One of my targets is black. Sometimes it's hard to see the front sight on a black target for some reason. Maybe that's just my eyes and that I turned 40????? I hope not. Anyone else have the problem?