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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by mattm, Jul 31, 2020.

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    I was out riding my bicycle a couple months back and saw a former liberal but cool co worker was home so stopped in. Met his libertarian son, and we hit it off. Anyways, after some issues having mutual available time, we are finally hitting my club today. Should be fun, I found some bolts to assemble my steel portable target, so we'll get some 300 yard shooting in, me with my .308 RPR, Steve has a brand new one in 6.5 CM, imagining it's got to get zeroed first. Cleaned my sweetheart M1A scout, so that's got to go play as well, and of course a .22 will join in. Pistols, got to shoot my G19, check new trigger spring, the 43, I just swapped RSA so that's going, and probably some of the P80's as they missed last weeks outing :eek:...which was good, as I had that trigger reset issue with my factory 19.
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    No pix, but it did happen :D. Set my 9" steel at 330 yards and was 100% with RPR, expected, and M1A scout a pleasant surprise, missed one or 2 of 20, but 100% at 200, 3 plates, goal to get them all swinging. Easy but still fun. Got to love LER scopes and eyes wide open shooting. A few issues, lips of one mag need to be closed up a bit, crazy when you eject a case, a live round, then have 2 rounds fighting over the chamber :eek:. Steve forgot his mags for his 6.5 CM (first outing in 3 years), but yeah, you 7.62x51 AR mags work with CM, so all was well..
    Shot Steves Ruger .44 mag., stupidly addictive, not sure if I hit anything, maybe a seagull 3 counties over :rolleyes:
    My G19 and 43 felt good, P80 21 clone is going to get a stronger recoil spring tomorrow. I'd gone weaker due to initial break in issues due I believe to ceracote, as well as probable innacuracies in rail alignment, being a home finished gun,but now it seems going back to battery is no issue, but I could feel the slide bottoming out. The .22 conversion kit on the G17 clone still working well. Steve and I both finished up pistol with .22's, and it was noticeable pewpewpewpewpew:p.Good to learn something on club days. Also good to have fun. Did both today.