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Discussion in 'North West USA' started by edisonbrown, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. edisonbrown

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking to buy my first firearm and i'm stuck on a Glock 19. I enjoy the overall comfort of it all. I'm active duty, so i know how handguns work.. but for a first time buyer is this a wise choice? Let me know! Thanks.
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    "New" Shooter

    G19 is. Great choice . Carried mine for about 10 months , but decided I could carry a G17 just as easy so for the last year my G19 is the Backup to my G17

    And thank you for your service !

  3. RG43

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    There is really no glaring weakness to the Glock 19. That can be said in general about most any Glock, but the 19 is in particular is a solid, all around, does everything well sidearm. I would dare say, other than maybe comparing it to the 17, there could be no other pistol that does so many things as well as it does, and has no glaring deficiencies. You can certainly find other pistols that do one or more particular things better than the 19 or 17, like perhaps have a better trigger, or comes stock with better sights, etc. But any such gun will have some other deficiency that will set it back over all behind the 19/17 models. So the getting a 19 or 17 as a first side arm is a pretty simple no brainer. In time, you may decide you'd like certain features on other guns enough to move in another direction, but that would in no way diminish all the excellent attributes and lack of any substantial weakness of either the 19 or 17 model Glocks. The only difficult decision is which one to get, the 19 or 17. Frankly, you might as well flip a coin, there is no good answer to that one, just pick one and be happy with it.
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    If possible find a local range that will let you rent/test it before you buy. Nothing wrong with a G19 but always best to shoot before you buy.

    Have you tried any other brands/models? Put your hands on as many different models as you can just to make sure the G19 is your best fit.

    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    "New" Shooter

    I did exactly what Silver-Bolt mentioned and went to two gun shows and tried every 9mm and 45 ACP they had to first find my prefer fit. To me the 17 felt better than the 19. The 21 SF felt the best. Perhaps the 17 actually felt better and my desire for 45 swayed me but if it doesn't feel comfortable than I'm not going to enjoy shooting it. They all felt better than the 30 platform because of the actual third finger slot versus having to use the mag of the 30 but overall the 17/21 felt the best for range time and if I'm carrying OWB. The 19/30S obviously felt much better IWB.

    If I was active duty than I think the 17 makes the most choice. Not that much heavier, slightly longer (better sights distance) and the grip extended further (I can grip with all fingers securely) just felt better held in a shooting position. The 19 also gives all finger support but the 17 still for me self better. The 19 might work better for others.
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    thanks guys, all of this was very very beneficial. i'm going to go shopping/shooting this weekend, i'll be sure to post my end results after. thanks again everyone, if you ever find yourself near Fort Lewis, give me a shout and we can shoot on post!
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    Heck yeah! Everyone should own a Glock 19! It's the penultimate Glock - the perfect combination of size, capacity, and concealability.
  8. Are you buying it to carry or just to plink with?
  9. edisonbrown

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    both. definitely something to carry with me as well.
  10. Sparky_D

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    The Marksman in Puyallup has an indoor range and rental guns. You have to go through a "safety class" that costs $11, IIRC, but it's convenient, clean, and well managed.

    There's also Bullseye in Downtown Tacoma. They also have a good selection of rental guns.

    I shoot at both occasionally.

    Shoot me a PM if you want more details or are interested in Steel shooting in the area. There are a couple different matches each month.

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for serving! [​IMG]
  11. Cubbie_Blues

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    I agree with others. Go rent each and see which you like better.
    Thank you for your service. I have a nephew at McChord right now. He got back stateside not too long ago.
  12. Lucian_253

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    Bullseye in Tacoma has about every Glock you could want to try for rent. They also have a deal where you can shoot any rental they have in one caliber you choose for reasonable price.