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New Ruger LC9-LM

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I was at the local gun shop last week. As I was standing there they put out a new Ruger LC9-LM. I decided to see what it felt like... as three other guys rushed over to see, as well. I only bought my first handgun (G19) this February, but decided right then that I MUST have this Ruger! Took it to the range & it's a great piece. Definitely more recoil than my 19. Made me appreciate just how easy the 19 really is. Had my best day at the range... Lots of good advice on a previous post had me closer to center - though the Ruger is going to take work. Hit accurately a little, but was way off with some shots. Those small handguns are a whole different ball game than even a compact. Life is great! Off to the range today with a G19 & a Ruger!
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