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  1. Johnkevin223

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    So I usually use 147 grain HST rounds for my all of my 9mm pistols. But I was moving to 124+P HST’s. However I just picked up a Sig P365 and was trying to get an idea on what ammo would be best for this weapon? I was thinking the 147 grains again for this just because heavier weight smaller size weapon better. What do all of you think?
  2. Lucian_253

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    I think that most would agree with your logic. I have 124gr +P in my p365 mags. What’s funny is the Sig P365 ammo is 115gr.


  3. LostinTexas

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    The 365 is a short barrel, so the +P would be more in line for it. It will make it rowdy, but if you are accomplished you should handle it well.
    What ever quality defense round runs 100% in it. 124+P is fine for HST, but it works best for some of the older offerings like Gold Dot and Golden Saber.
    I didn't know 147 existed for 9MM until a few years ago, and never had any use for it because I already had a very reliable load and just didn't use 9MM.
    I recently bought a 9 and am running 147 Ranger in it. Mostly because it is decent enough and I was able to get it. I bought in at a bad time.
    The 9MM sits at home for the most part, but it gets a little holster time.
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  4. Southlake

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    The 147 grain HST Standard pressure works great in all 4 of my 365's.
  5. Defendandprotect32

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    I load hst 124 gr + p in a couple of my 9mm,s.I use gold dot 124 gr + p in my 365.I believe either one would be a excellent choice.
  6. John in AR

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    I run fast 100-grain +P stuff in my G43 simply because I have for a long time and have a bunch of it; but if I were going to change, it would probably be to the standard-pressure 147 HST you're already using.
  7. Lucian_253

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    So how are you liking your p365. I find it incredibly accurate for its size.