New owner of g23!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by blazinglock40, May 19, 2012.

  1. Hey fellas well it's been long awaited and over due for my new purchase of a g23. And right out of the box this is a great looking gun. Cant wait to get it to the range! Just thought I'd let all y'all guys know
  2. Argyle64

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    Congrats on the G23!!

  3. dutchs

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    I too own the one known as G23 gen 4, Well played Blaze!! Give us a range report when your done! Cool.
  4. gunlover66030

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    Congrats blaze on your new glock, let us know how you like!
    Congrats again, Bob
  5. Yea I can't wait I'm goin in a couple of weeks. And my patience has run out already. But I will load up pics on here when I get back! Thanks for the response
  6. elroyyboy

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    I just received my 23C w Glock NS from GT Dist ($499 delivered) and shot it this week. I carried a 19C CCW for years but the availability of sometimes free ammo from LE brother made me switch! I polished up the trigger bar and dropped in a Ghost 3.5 connector and love it.


  7. congrats on your new G23 blaze. you will love this gun, i love this gun already and have only shot about 5 mags and 5 rounds through it so far. since this is my first pistol that i have ever owned im still getting used to it. post up some pics and a range report when you can mate. you will love this gun. stay safe and happy shooting.

    Glockit1 aka Justin.
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    Nice! Grats on your new acquisition!
  9. Thanks guys well yesterday was my birthday an my father in law got me some bullets to shoot and got me a light and laser for my 23. And it looks great!

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  10. dwcfastrice

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    Happy Birthday and congrats on the G23. I love mine. Drop a LWD 40/9 barrel and get some G19 mags and shoot 9mm out of that pistol. You can also grab an Advantage Arms kit to shoot .22LR out of it. It makes trigger time a lot less $$.

    congrats again!
  11. Glockmaster

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    Happy late Birthday. Good pick on the G23 I to have a G23 GEN4

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  12. Congratulations and happy birthday. I love my 23-4.
  13. @glockmaster
    I love those grips. Where and how much!?!?
  14. wrpNYFL

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    Happy birthday. Nice accessories. Congratulations.
  15. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member $13.00
  16. SikkLee

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    Congrats Blaze....I've put at least sixty mags through my G23 since purchasing about two or three months ago. We have a Gander Mountain that sells .40 cal rounds 80 for a 250cnt case!!!! So exciting, especially when you've had a bad day and u have the beautiful sounds of the G23 serving out justice down range lol....what I'm saying is good choice of pistol, friend. Enjoy!