new or used glock,which would you buy?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by oneshot1kill, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. oneshot1kill

    oneshot1kill New Member

    someone tell me if buying a used glock of any caliber is a good idea?
  2. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter

    I've bought more used than new. All were 100%. When I buy used Glocks I prefer exPD, because they usually haven't been modified. Plus you can find them for just over$300.

  3. Tape

    Tape New Member


    a nice used one
  4. If you can get a good deal on a used one that's that'd be the way I'd go. If you want a new one join up with GSSF for two years, get the Purchase Cert. and find a participating GSSF dealer. Then you can buy a new Blue Line gun at the GSSF discount price which is an awesome deal IMHO.
  5. Gun_Aficionado

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    Or find a buddy that is military, LEO, EMT to buy it for you at a discount and then buy it from them at same price....
  6. KeenansGarage

    KeenansGarage Hiding in plain sight....

    Nothing wrong with a well taken care of used gun! That is all I have bought...except I have a new one on order. Used Glocks typically are great, and much cheaper too!
  7. iShoot

    iShoot New Member

    I'd buy used if it's priced correctly.
  8. Blaze

    Blaze Active Member Supporter

    Are get ur own FFL then u can have all u want lol
  9. Nyckid211

    Nyckid211 New Member

    I prefer to buy new. I like to know how many rounds downrange each of my babies have. There is definitely not anything wrong with buying used though. My first few guns were used, and functioned flawlessly.
  10. ash1012

    ash1012 New Member

    Both of my glocks was new, but I have no problem buying a used one.
  11. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    Either one is a good investment. I can't wait for my FFL to here. It won't get here soon enough.
  12. PolishJ

    PolishJ New Member

    As much as I trust a Glock, I don't trust the previous owner...I buy only new.
  13. hartgk01

    hartgk01 New Member

    I bought both of my Glocks used. I bought the 17 from my range instructer who is an armorer and the 26 from the pawn shop that owns the range. I waited a year for the 26. Both are Gen 3 and flawless.
  14. j102

    j102 Well-Known Member

    All my guns are new. I just prefer to buy new.
    But, there is nothing wrong with buying a used Glock, or Sig or H&K or any of the premium guns.
  15. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I just am weird like that, I buy new. But nothing wrong with used as long as you know it's been looked over.
  16. I see you have no idea how hard it is to get a Type 01 FFL do ya'.:rolleyes:
    Plus, IIRC they cost(or they did coat, probably more now)$300 a year, you need a physical address(not a home) to do business from and you have a boat load of rules to comply with. They're also not for use for personal collections, that's what the Type 03, C&R FFL is for and it only applies to certain firearms.
    Just join GSSF for two years, get the Cert for Blue Line gun purchase and be done with it. Much simpler that way.:D
  17. I would buy a Glock straight out of a thick, sandy, mud puddle and never think twice about it.
  18. Nyckid211

    Nyckid211 New Member

    For comparison, my first glock was new, the following two were used. These were back in '01. Last two that I bought this year were new.Go with what makes you happy, but used will function just the same. Has for me...
  19. I only bought a new G17 Gen4 because I got it under the Glock Blue Label plan. It was cheaper than I could find a used one for. However, as tough as Glocks are, I would have no problem buying a used one if the price was right.
  20. To me this makes no sense. It's not like a Glock is an over engineered machine or a machine with hand fitted parts such as a 1911. Glock parts are ubber cheap. There's only so much a previous owner could jack up and all could be easily fixed.