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Hi everybody. I'm new to this so I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a big gun enthusiast and love the smell of gun powder. Real big on family and values. I joined the forum due to me being a big Glock fan but as well as I was in search of a good dependable person that can duracoat and I came across this forum and everybody was raving about nuckinfuts on this forum. Contemplated about shipping some stuff to him at Twisted Monkey Customs so I did because of all the positive feed back from u guys on the forum. I like that and instantly wanted to become a part of this forum for that. So there it is in a shell. I will post pics but I pretty much sent nuckinfuts parts to 3 guns and I don't want to post some of my collection and some gun parts. As soon as I get my parts from nuckinfuts I will post them.
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Welcome to forum! Nuk does great work!!!
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