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    Hey everyone, just signed up from down under. Used to shoot a Glock 17L 15 years ago but got out if it, but getting back into it now. It's not easy down here, have to be a member of a club, can only shoot at the club and must attend at least 10 shoots per annum at the club, 6 of which must be competitions. Otherwise your license gets cancelled. Anyway got a great deal on an as new Glock 34 yesterday, have to wait a few months before I can take ownership and get it out on the range. Look forward to reading tons of info on here.


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    Hey mook05, welcome to the forum. There are so many knowledgable Glockers on this site. Be ready to be informed. Lol!

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    Welcome to the Forum! This is a great community. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    Welcome Michael, you'll really enjoy it here!!!!
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    It is always good to have members outside the United States join our community. Welcome!
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    I was under the impression private citizens could not own guns down there. Obviously you have requirements as you said.. How much red tape is involved to even purchase one?
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    Hello, mook05, and WELCOME to the Forum!
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    Hey mook05, welcome to the forum like you i had gone away for awhile and am very glad i came back. I have a bit of Aussie connection, i am in the wine industry, we sell a ton of great Australian wines. Enjoy!
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    Yes, we can, but it's heavily legislated. Longarms are easier, you sit and pass a safety course, apply for licence with references from people who have known you for a while, demonstrate a "genuine need" ie own a farm, hunting, sport / target shooting and demonstrate membership of the appropriate club / organisation or letter of permission to shoot on a property owners land. There are minimum waiting times for licence (28 days) and first firearm (another 28 days) but subsequent longarms you just need to submit a "permit to aquire" and each one is approved and registered against your licence. No Semi-Autos allowed, bolt action only. No pump action shotguns. So fairly limited in what longarms you can own. You can get higher grade licences for those type of weapons but "demonstrating a need" for them is very difficult. There are no "participation requirements" for longarms at clubs etc. although the legislators would love to have that. The only reason they dont is it's too hard to administer at the moment.

    Handguns are very, very strict. First, I became a financial member of a pistol club, which required an application, references and having the application approved by the committee. I then attended a safety course, upon completion I could then apply for my "provisional" handgun licence which you can nominate to last for 6-12 months. In that 6-12 months, I must attend 6 club shoots / matches / competitions. After 6 months, with my 6 attendances, I can apply for my full handgun licence. When I get that, I can apply for a permit for my first handgun. The club committee must approve my application to verify the handgun is appropriate for the competitions I shoot. They must also attend my residence to inspect my safe which has to meet certain specs to store a handgun. Once submitted it takes 28 days to approve first handgun purchase. Then I have to wait another 6 months before I can apply to purchase a 2nd handgun which goes through the same process except for the safe inspection and 28 day wait. Once I have a handgun / handguns, I have to particpate in 10 shoots at the club per year, 6 of which must be competition matches. This is to demonstrate my continued "genuine need" for a handgun. If I do not meet the requirements - licence cancelled. Whilst I can own a semi-auto handgun, they have restricted calibre and barrel length. As a private owner / competition shooter I can only have 9mm or smaller (need to be security or have some other special demonstrated need for larger) and minimum barrel length is 120mm (5in?) which means Glock 19 is out unless you work in security, even a standard Glock 17 is just out. Glock do a 17A for Australia with a 126mm barrel which sticks out the end of the slide a bit to be compliant. Magazine capacity is also restricted to 10 rounds. The handguns can only be used at the club. Even if you have hundreds of acres of property, it is illegal to use your handgun to shoot on it. You can only use longarms on your own property. The only people who can carry a handgun are law enforcement and private security - which is also heavily legislated.

    So - whilst it's not impossible, there is plenty of hoops to jump through to enjoy the sport of shooting, particularly handgun shooting. As you can see, after all that work to become licenced etc, it is an absolute priveledge to be able to partake in the sport and own firearms here. Some of you guys / girls sure have it lucky over there!


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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! This already looks to be a wealth of information with a nice bunch of people as well.


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    Question; if you fail to meet the required shoots/competitions in a year do you lose your license, guns and future "privileges"?
    No compensatory gun confiscation?
    Do you believe gun rights are going to be stricter or laxer in the future of Australia?

    Oh, welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome, and your right.

    Most people in this country don't realize what a freedom we have. If we do not watch ourselves, that freedom will be stripped from us sooner than we think. I know several people that are "stocking up" in preparation for what is coming. Only time will tell.
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    Hey Danzig, yes, you lose it. I think you get a chance to offload guns through a dealer but if you leave it too long, they will get confiscated. You can apply for attendance exemptions if you are sick or have to work I think...but need to find out more about that.

    Based on the last 15 years, I would say it will only get stricter. Unfortunately our politicians and media drive a very strong, sensationalized anti gun culture in this country. It has gotten to the point you have to be very, very careful who knows you are a gun owner....most of the community just do not understand or appreciate it. We do have small, but sound political representation to help keep the sensationalists from getting out of control, and occasionally we get glimpses of common sense prevailing, so who knows what the future holds. With the state of dissatisfaction with our two major political parties, the possibility for more seats to be won by pro shooting political parties including "the shooters party" is more of a chance which is good for our sport.

    I'd move to the states if there wasn't so much else keeping me here!

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    Thank you for the detailed answer. I have a couple more questions if you don't mind.. If you have a hand gun or long gun in your house and an armed robber breaks into your house threatening you and your family, what can you do? Are you allowed to shoot to defend yourself? Or no?

    I know one strong argument against allowing people to own guns is a reduced crime rate.. What is your opinion on that? Is there a low crime rate in Australia? Or is it the same as other westernized countries? A google search has lead me to believe crime is up since the gun ban. What do you as a private citizen see/think?
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