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    I'm interviewing for a promotion in NJ and was wondering during what the pistols and rifle laws were regarding ownership, purchasing and carrying. I would love to bring my collection with me and want to know what I'm getting into.

    Thanks in advance

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    What part of NJ? I know the laws over there are insane!!! I'm from there

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    Don't do it!
    Unless you are law enforcement.
    When I lived there in 1993, you needed a permit too own and transport long guns(empty no where near ammo). Assault weapon ban, high cap magazine ban with mandatory 3 year prison sentence for each magazine. Individual permits for pistols, hollow points outlawed. I lived in a gun friendly area. Other areas were impossible to get the required permits(perpetual background checks) and CCW license was impossible to get even with cause.
  4. If you are not certified LEO in the state of NJ there is zero chance you will ever have a right to carry in any form. You can own them and go to the range that is it.

    You need to get a permit and register every weapon in order to own them there. NJSP requires you to register them prior to establishing a residence and bringing the guns into the state.
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    NJ used to have a motto, "New Jersey and You, Perfect Together". Yep, just like Tex-Mex chili and hemorrhoids!:rolleyes:

    Okay, here you go. Establish residence, then get a NJ Firearms ID. $18 for ID + fee for fingerprinting. Then after you get it in, er, maybe, 4-6 weeks, apply for your handgun purchase permits (used for transfer also) $18. Then it's $2 for each actual permit. Er, maybe, ahem, another 4-6 weeks.

    Non-LE CCW? You got a better chance of catching a ride on the donkey with Jesus.:(

    The NJFID is all that's needed for ammo (JHP- LEO only) and long gun purchase.

    Handguns limited to 15 round magazines.

    Oh, and don't forget stupid high property taxes, stupid high real estate prices, 7% sales tax (unless you live in a "economic opportunity zone", I call it...ghetto, then it's only 3.5%), traffic (especially shore traffic in the summertime), massive amounts of immigrants (both legal and illegal), stupid high car insurance, lousy mass transit (especially for the most populous state in the union), probably #2 behind California for two-legged jackasses, schools that turn out functional morons and high utility costs.:mad:

    Let's see, did I forget anything? Probably.

    Sure you want that promotion?
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    Man, if I ever hear anyone complain about living here in Oklahoma, I'll remind them of New Jersey.

    "New Jersey. Just like New York. Only trashier."

    "Jersey girls ain't trash. Trash gets picked up."

    "New Jersey. Almost as bad as New York. Almost."
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    Oh, yeah, I did forget. Another self-made rich bast**d, politician by the name of Frank Lautenberg. Bought his NJ Senate seat twice by outspending his opponents by massive amounts. Much like how carpetbagger Jon Corzine made Governor.

    Anyhow they must have scrapped some DNA from the pr**k to make NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, another self-made rich bast**d, politician. Ol' Mike not only massively out spent his opponents, but pushed every city regulation he could to make sure he could buy votes.

    PLUS, he managed to get the City Charter changed so he could run and win a third term (which was changed back after he won).

    Getting back to Lautenberg. How many Senators do you know get married 76 and re-elected at 84. And this a guy who defeated Sen. Millicent Fenwick, making her age at the time (72) an issue. Must be nice to have money.

    Welcome to NJ.
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    Mayor Bloomberg is the third most hated politician on my "Most Hated Politicians List". #1 Obama, #2 Nancy Pelosi, #3 Mayor Bloomberg
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    You mean Darth Bloomberg?:p

    I just told a friend of mine on FB that I want to open up,

    featuring The 1 LB. Fatbuger

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    Includes four strips of bacon between two melted slices of extra sharp cheddar w/ a 1/4 LB. side of German potato salad.;)

    God Bless America, guns, beef and the freedom of choice

    Can I get an Amen and a "Like this post?" :D
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    What about the burger with bacon with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns.
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    My brother ate one at Redneck Heaven. Mayor Bloomberg would be very displeased.
  13. Lautenberg is the one that passed the retroactive law that said anyone with a DM misdemeanor could not own guns, even from 25 years ago.

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    In addition to what mentioned above:

    Long Guns/Rifle -- at least 16in barrel. fixed stock. 15 round magazine.

    Shotgun Pump -- At least 18in barrel. tele-stock & folding stock allowed (accrding to gun dealer). no max ammo.

    Shotgun Auto -- at least 18 in barrel. fixed stock. max 6 ammo.
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    I'm glad I got the hell out of NJ...
  16. Amen to that!!
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    Quote of the day. You got a better chance of catching a ride on the donkey with Jesus.:(. LMAO
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    Sad. I really liked growing up there. The food, changing leaves in fall, Jersey shore(not the TV show), access to Philly and NYC. I miss those things. Politicians, BS laws, taxes, price of housing and insane car insurance rates made many native born citizens run from the state.:(
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    I loved going camping to High Point at the border of NJ/PA. Also loved crossing over to NY to eat pizza and bagels!
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    This is all pretty depressing. It all depends on money at this point. I start interviewing on Monday and will probably be a long process. Sounds like owning a pistol will be a pain in the ass.

    My next question,

    When I relocate, where should I avoid? My assignment calls to be in Northern and central, jersey. I want to be closer to the citybas that's where I'm originally from. I was thinking hoboken but up for other options. I'm a single young guy.