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    New to the forum as well as gun ownership. 36 married with 5 children. Maintenance mechanic at a bread factory. Took about a little under 12 years to convince my wife we need guns in general for protection, what if’s, any and all reasons. She stood firm hating guns of fear for no reason. Then she wanted to stock pile water and can goods because of the pandemic. I then said what if a mob comes out of no where and takes our stuff and I’m unable to defend us. Her reply, we have two mastiffs and a pit bull. I then say what if they shoot the dog’s. Then now her long with me are new members of NRA she bought a 9mm and on a waiting list for an ar-15 and I’m a proud owner of a Glock 20 and also in search of a glock40. It only took a pandemic for her to see things my way. but better late than never.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    welcome from 2 states north, comrade :D. My mom grew up in Perth Amboy, and my Grandpa painted the G. Washington bridge for 39 years. I used to canoe with some folks from the Hackensack River canoe/kayak club. Great group.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome from Idaho.
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    Former Middlesex/Hillsborough resident here.
    Welcome aboard!
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    Cumberland County (Vineland/ Millville) but at one point less than 2 yrs Plainfield/Piscataway
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    Hello from Kentucky.
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    I will be in voorhees this weekend Sorry about your state cant get a lic to carry there One of the 2 reasons why i would never move there closer to my daughter the other reason are the taxes I though it was bad inMass you beat me both ways
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    What’s up from NY! We share the same tough gun laws!
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  13. Welcome to the forum

    Long live the Republic, God bless America!
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    Welcome from CT!
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    Welcome from The GrEeN MouNtaIn StaTe
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