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    I have a friend who may be moving to New Jersey soon. He has a CCW here in Oklahoma and we know NJ does not recognize reciprocity w/Oklahoma. He owns a couple of pistols, an AOW Remington 870, a Browning shotgun, and an AR-15. Here are my questions:

    1. Can he own his AOW 870 in NJ? If so, are there any restrictions?
    2. Can he own an AR-15 in NJ? If so are there any restrictions?
    3. Can he obtain a CCW in NJ?
    4. Is there any type of NJ registering he will have to do with his guns?
  2. Hurricane460

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    3. Dont think he can get a CCW in NJ UNLESS he is going to be a LE or Armored Car Driver. Things may have changed but doubtful.

  3. Jay28

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    Not sure about restrictions on the shotgun, the AR has to be 15 rounds or less, no collapsable or folding stocks and fixed class hider. As for the CCW NJ is a "may issue" state and they DONT issue unless you're a cop. NJ gun laws are horrible.
  4. #3: Never ever going to happen. If he moves he will never carry a gun, period.

    #4: Oh yea, he needs to contact the NJSP and get it rolling before he even thinks of moving.
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    I think it is also 15 rounds restrictions for pistols and you cannot have a pistol loaded with hollowpoints outside the home or at a range.
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    Dang!! It sounds just like Komifornia.
  7. Danzig

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    He's screwed!

    He's going to have to call State Police and the local police agency. Make sure he gets written documentation. NJ is infamous for changing their minds and laws along with dismissing common sense and your rights.

    Oh, when he hears how much vehicle insurance is he might stroke out. But the food is good.
  8. Danzig

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  9. Unless your friend is in law enforcement, he can pretty much forget about being issued a CCW in NJ. As for his other inquiries, suggest he contact the NJ state police directly and request a response in writing.
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    As for the CCW, he's got a better chance of catching a ride on the donkey with Jesus.

    As for the 870 and the AR, no problem. Make the move, establish state residency (driver license) and go through the BS of obtaining a NJ Firearms and Purchase ID. Have the weapons shipped to a FFL once you have the ID card.
  11. Danzig

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    In addition to the mandatory prison sentence for possession of hi cap magazines, I thought evil assault weapons were banned. I remember people with M1A's having to sell them in PA with proof going to the NJ State Police or surrendering them. That was in the 90's when they instituted their assault gun ban.
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    So will he have to leave his guns here with me until after get is NJ Firearms and Purchase ID then I'll have to ship them to an FFL up there?
  13. KALI IS WORSE THAN NJ! no bayonet lug your rifle can not say colt ar15 on rec!Your muzzle brake has to be silver soldered in place collasping stock must be pinned.If you bought your firearms legal in Ok. you will be fine no need to register just apply for your fid when you are able to.It is a shame he is moving to nj cost of living is HIGH here! I wish I could sell my house I would be in Tenn!Where in nj is he moving to?All you have to do on bayonet lug is remove the flanges on it so bayonet will not lock in place.On your shot gum the 870 can have what ever you want on it collasping stock bayonet lug.But semi auto shot guns no more than 6 shots no collasping stock or pistol grip no bayo lug no folding stocks either!Oh do not go shooting in a pit you will loose your firearms it is illegal to shoot anywhere but at a state approved range PERIOD!BB guns are firearms in nj so do not shoot them in your backyard and slingshots are illegal also! There is a lot to know to be legal here there is something I forgot but some other from nj will post I hope. He will not get a ccw here! I would cotact the NRA for firearm info in nj they know it better than NJSP.My son called NJSP about a collasping stock for his gsg5 they told him it was ok.Wrong the gsg5 is semi auto.
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    Best thing he can do is stay put and tell whoever is behind wanting him to move he's not going to give up his 2A rights. If enough people voted with their feet and kept their $$$ out of places like NJ, NYC, Chicago and Coastal Kali, they will fiscally wither and implode.
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    Merged duplicate threads.
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    Well, that sucks for him. I was in the process of building him a sweet 3 gun AR but I guess now I'll just finish it and sell it since it wouldn't do him much good there. He's moving up there because of work.
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    I don't care what the job pays its not worth it
  18. Pretty much man. If he has any choice he really needs to not do this. I swear on my life he will regret it, there is zero chance of happiness there.
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    I don't think anyone saw the AOW that you said the 870 was. I am thinking that he would have to sell that before he goes.
  20. Danzig

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    One of the reasons I moved out of NJ.