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New holsters

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We've got two new holsters which are very nice and pretty universal too. One is a Remora and the other is a Holster King. I highly recommend both brands.

Textile Sleeve Bag Grey Hood

Hand Glove Sports gear Finger Camera accessory


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Looks good ek !!
mpgo4th said:
Which model remora did you get. Art cut?
The remora fits my Glock 26 perfectly, but it belongs to my wife. We ordered it for her xd9 subcompact. It's an "ART 5 RFT". Also we opted for the thigh strap too. She wears it under her dresses, but it fits IWB very nicely.
Also at the recommendation of a LEO family member, I ordered a Holster King that works OWB, IWB, or on the belt, and fits every gun we own. It's my personal favorite.
Both are fantastic and each have their own advantages. And both are reasonably priced.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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