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    I've been looking at a Glock (45) but don't like the stock sites. Better sights on my old daisy bb gun. I like the fully adjustable target sites and also like the optional longer barrel but I think it is for the 40 cal. Not sure if it is available for the 45 or not. Does anybody know (if the longer barrel is avail for the 45 cal) ? Just joined this forum. So hello to everyone and hope to contribute something to the discussions.
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    Welcome to the forum sea goin! Enjoy!

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    Welcome to the Forum! I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    WHich specific model are you looking at? There are several GLock models in .45 caliber

    .45 GAP: G37, G38, G39
    .45 ACP: G21, G30, G36

    After market sights are available for all the models. Looking at something from XS (Big Dot), Tru GLO TFO, Ameriglo, etc. etc.

    There are several companies that make a longer barrel for these models: Storm Lake, KKM, and Lone Wolff Designs. They all enable you to shoot lead rounds .vs stock GLock which recommend jacketed rounds only.

    If you know which model number you're looking at, folks can chime in with specifics on barrels and sights, especially those who own those particular models.


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    Welcome to the forum!!!

    I sell sights! Plenty to choose from all depending on what you want and what your preferences are.

    Sounds like you want the glock adjustable sights. I carry those for $25 plus shipping.

    You want a glock with a longer slide and barrel? Or do you want a longer barrel to stick out of the slide further?