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Hi from Minnesota (min eh sOH tah)

I almost bought a Kahr P380, then almost a Kahr PM40, then put a baby glock in my hand and it was love at first grip! I wanted the .40, but knew I'd be frequently at the range, so considered the 9mm, and was checking the budget to see if I could get a new G27 and used G26 when I found on this forum that a 9mm barrel could be dropped into the G27! I drove immediately to two gun shops and neither had the G27 (is it that popular?), so I put in some gas and drove to Cabela's and came home with a dull (not shiny are they?) new G27.

First time to the range and with about 1/3 at 21' and 2/3 at 15' I got 83 rounds out of a hundred within the 6" circles. While that's nothing to boast about, I figure that isn't bad for a newbie with a kicky small grip pistol.

Most importantly it was FUN! I've had a Colt Detective Special snubby .38 that is so unfun to shoot I still have the first box of shells I got with it (20+ years ago). It's shiny nickle, but dull to shoot. This Glock is a gas!

Plans to get fiber optic tritium night sights (for camping use) and a 9mm barrel for lots of range practice and some holsters. One for conceal, maybe one for right hip while hiking.

This forum has already been very helpful in making decisions, and I'm grateful for all the contributions. Being old enough to remember life pre-Internet, I'm really appreciative of the flow of good information.

Thanks in advance for all you share!
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