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Hey guys, new guy to the forum. I was sucked in by the Glock 22 giveaway. Who wouldn't like a free Glock? :D I own a Walther P22 for training and plinking. A Bersa Thunder .380cc for those times when I really need to keep it hidden. I Open carry a Rock Island 1911 the majority of the time, and bought my wife a Glock 23 for Christmas. I must say it's like the difference between a Ferrari, and Chevy. The fit, finish, and quality on the Glocks is impeccable. I am really becoming a Glock Fanboy. My next purchase will probably be the G19 in 9mm, although I am considering a Walther also. I want to own at least one gun in every caliber. Now that's what I consider diversity. :D

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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