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New guy from Utah

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New guy checking in and saying hi. I'm a full time martial arts instructor from the Salt Lake valley and 2 weeks ago I bought my very first Glock, G23 gen 3 and I love the thing. I have done a lot of skeet shooting and long gun shooting but never got into pistol shooting until a friend and fellow instructor got me into some combat pistol training. I did some research and found that Glock was about as good as it gets.
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Good choice! Welcome to the Glock Forum! Are you going to compete in any competitions (IPSC, USPSA, GSSF)?
I would like to down the road, need work on the form a little bit first. I took my G23 out Friday and put about 100 rounds threw it. After 25 feet my grouping gets a little big. I shoot alittle low, I'm dropping the muzzle waiting for the recoil
Welcome to the Forum Modern!!!
Welcome! Yeah I had the same problem at first. The G23 has a good little snap to it, but I love mine.
Yeah, I think about 100 more rounds down range will get it. The only other pistol I really put rounds threw was a semi auto .22...... The .40 has a little more jump then that did.
Welcome to the Glock Forum ModernMusashi !!
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