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New guy from PA

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Finally getting around to this. I am a retired Chief of Police and currently working for a corporate security team for a large company here in PA. Switched my police department to Glock 19s in 1992. Have carried a Glock since. Currently have a Glock 23 but am looking at also getting a 45 cal. I really like the comments I have seen here on the forums and how everyone tries to help each other with info.
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Welcome Irishdm!! We have a LEO/Militery Forum if you would like to be a part? Let me know! Thanks for your service to our communities and enjoy!
Sounds good, sign me up please!
Sounds good, sign me up please!
I have to shoot a PM to our Admin, He will PM you when it is done! Great to have you!
Thanks much. Looks like a great group of people.
Thanks much. Looks like a great group of people.
It really is great bunch! Havasu is a retired K9 officer as well. You will enjoy the camaraderie! Not your typical forum, Much better!!
Welcome to the Forum. This is a great community. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
Welcome my fellow Pennsylvanian. And thank you for your services as a LEO. Alot of the ".45 guys" like the G30sf. I'm doing some research on that. Its a hard decision between that and a M&P9c for my next purchase. Enjoy the forum.
Love it so far, lots of good info and friendly folks! Thanks!
Welcome Irishdm and thank you for your years of service.
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oh, and since you're in PA...feel free to join us on August 12th:
Welcome to the Forum IrishDM!
Palmyra used to be part of my sales territory when I was drug rep from 1997-2000.
Cool place.

Hope you can make it to the meet and green on August 12th!

Welcome IrishDM it's a pleasure to have another l.e.o's insight on this forum. Thanks for your service.
Welcome to the Glock Forum!
Stick around, you will like it here!
Welcome to the Glock Forum...from another Irish Pennsylvanian !!
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