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    Hey all, my dad's planning on opening up a gun store. He wants to start with a pretty small inventory at first. He's planning on having about 10-15 pistols and 20-30 rifles/shotguns on hand. What are some good brands and models of guns that are good sellers that my dad should initially have in stock. I want him to have a good start because this has been a dream he's had for a while and finally took the plunge to start it. Any help is appreciated. Feel free to add any tips you have on running your own gun store. Thanks.
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    Disclaimer: I have never owned a gun store so this is only opinion.

    I would put out a mix of Glocks and the newest XDMs. If you can get a good distributor and quick fulfillment that is the way to go. Stock sits and costs you money.

    Be wary of trades and used, set up a display to sell in consignment fashion. So you arent tying up money in a used gun. That gives you demo pieces for a tangible shopping experience for your customers. "I can get that same gun brand new in 48 hours for only 50 more dollars".

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    I've got a good friend that just did the same thing... I'd try a few shotguns (tactical in today's world) and maybe an LCP or two... He sells a lot of them, but he's a LEO and sells a bunch to co-workers.... Also, it's just a thought, but a military and LEO discount (even 10%) goes a long way for your business.... Just a little tip.. Good luck!!!
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    Believe it or not my friend can't keep Hi Points in stock, they're his best seller.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Glockaholic !!

    Best of luck with the new gun shop...
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    Thanks for the info and the welcome. I appreciate it

  7. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooowww
  8. Surprised? They're super cheap and I wouldn't be shocked to find out that store is in a lower income neighborhood. Most people who don't have the budget for a Kimber probably don't spend time to research products.

    I met a minimum wage worker who wanted a gun to protect his family and bought a HiPoint. I am afraid for his family if he ever actually needed it for its purpose, but he doesn't have disposable income and doesn't live in the nicest of neighborhoods. He bought what he could afford, legally.
  9. Who is your dad's expected target demographic and what type of neighborhood is the shop going to be in?

    I don't own a gun store, but I've had courses in marketing and strategy in my MBA program and knowing what your customers are looking for is key to success.

    To know what they're looking for, you have to understand the demographic, both culturally and economically.

    Are they sophisticated and looking for status symbols (low inventory turnover, huge margins), are they practical/purposeful and looking to fill a need (middle of the road), or are they looking for anything they can afford (higher turnover, lower margins).
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    :) We have a winner! :)

    Opening and running a successful business is way more about the business than the product. Being in the public eye demands you to meet their needs, not yours.

    I too started a little business to help pay my way after I retired. I only wanted something like a hobby. Business tho is BUSINESS. There's a lot of rules and regulations both local and federal dealing with everything you do as a business. A very good portion of your dad's time as a business owner will be used in dealing with codes, regulations, and taxes.

    Wish him the best, my business was a lifes' dream too and it is a success but, it is work and you have to love it to be good at it. Ya got to know the business end of it way before you start selling tho.... I hope he is the best gun dealer in the state!
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    Gotta know yoru demographics. Do you live in a hunting community? Near a gun range specializing in shotgun sports? Tatical games? High crime or a shortage of LEO? I hadda FFL for a few years during the late 80's/early 90's and a major hurricane hit my area {Andrew}. Anyway, what stock I had disappeared, mainly pump 12 gauges and semi autos. Point is, if I had high dollar comp pistols/shotguns or $75 pocket pistols, Id probably still have em.

    I know a guy thats doing something down here like this. Stock to your area and offer to special order any gun, for a % over retail plus taxs/background check etc...good luck to your pop!!