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    Sacramento-area gun shoppers:

    There's going to be a new gun store in the midtown area. The proposed location is at 24th and J, where the old Cornerstone coffeehouse used to be. It will be mere blocks from where the Old Sacramento Armory used to be on 22nd and J.

    "M&J Gun Trade" is the name on the business license. Handguns, long guns, ammo and accesories. The Sacramento Press popped the story last week here:

    I am excited as this will be walking distance from my office. A new lunch-hour hang-out for me, you can bet!
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    Can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the heads up

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    Hey isn't that downtown by all the State Offices? I Think the California Dept of Corrections has or had offices over there I think!

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    It's not far from downtown. Mere driving minutes from the Capitol -- call it a dozen city blocks or so. (We like to delineate it as "midtown" so all the hipsters have an area to drunk-stumble every second Saturday.)
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    yep sounds about right.

    I am excited about this though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooo Hoooo!!! I will now have a place to go when the wife decides that she needs to stay late for work!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
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    I am giddy with excitement, series11. Like a little schoolgirl. Who loves to play with guns. Ha.

    After the Old Sac Armory shut down, there's been no real gun shop in Sacramento proper. Sac Bait and Tackle on Broadway is mostly a hunting and fishing joint -- no handguns and no ARs.

    The next closest might be River City Guns but it's a ways away from my general direction. Currently, I rate RC as my #1 choice in the greater Sacramento area (Sac, Folsom, Elk Grove) for pricing, variety of stock on hand and customer service (in every way customer service should be measured).

    I've yet to wander all the way out to Sacramento Black Rifle (which is ironically located in Roseville). I also have not yet visited Just Guns or Sportsman's Warehouse.

    Best ammo pricing is by far Ammo Depot off of Hazel on Folsom Blvd.

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    Hello Glock Forum,
    Just wanted to drop in and let you guys know we are now open. Our business hours are Mon-Fri 10:00- 6:00 and Sat 10:00-4:00. We are currently looking for consignment items. If you have any guns you are no longer insterested in or don't use anymore, we can help you sell them!

    Hope to see you guys in our store!

    M & J Gun Trade
    2330 J street
    Sacramento CA 95816