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Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by Armando1228, May 26, 2012.

  1. Well would like to add one more Glock to the collection.
    I currently own Glock 19(rtf2)
    Gen 3, 26, 31,37, Gen 4 17, 31.
    Been thinking of adding a Glock 31c or a Glock 20sf. Any pros or cons on the compensated models.
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  3. Birddogyz

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    My vote would be the 20 sf, I do not have a C model, but I have not heard anything bad. Just a little louder.
  4. Well decided on a Steyr M40-A1 instead keep u posted
  5. GlockIt

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    Keep me updated, would really like to hear feedback on that Steyr. That line of pistols has something that I can't put my finger on but what ever it is, it caught me.
  6. I'm hoping it will be in tomorrow so I will keep u posted.
  7. iamthedood

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    +1 I've read that their grip feels great & natural.
  8. I sold my first one, big mistake, so this one will stay put. Now on the other hand I did sell my Caracal F, lack of parts, an invisible customer service dept.
  9. Well got the gun today hoping to break it in tomorrow. Sweet trigger and the grip angle is very natural.


  10. GAgal

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    Looks good. Let us know how she shoots.
  11. Love the Trapezoid sights

  12. GAgal

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    I really like those.
  13. Glockmaster

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    Different but looks good.
  14. mckm/Glock36

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    I'd like those on my glock's
  15. I really love the sights too, ill pass on changing them to night sights