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new glock

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my girlfriends birthday is next week so i called Josh at glockmeister and ordered her a brand new G19 gen 3. She picks it up tommorow morning.
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congrats on the new gun mate. i havnt shot one of those but that might be my next gun i get lol. i got a G23 Gen 4 now i love that gun.
Good man! That's definetly my next Glock!!!!
That's great! I love getting a new gun for a present. I hope she enjoys it!
I got my wife a nib glock 19 from LGS for christmas . goes bang first time every time. she loves it . enrolled her and grand daughter in hand gun class taught by women start next month. 4 intense 3 hour classes.with 3 of them hands on.i asked her if she wanted to go to the range sunday with my daughter and family she got all excited. your GF will love the G19
I'm hoping for my birthday she will buy me a G30:)
Congratulations! Great gun... Great to have a shooting partner.
Caseyglock19 said:
I'm hoping for my birthday she will buy me a G30:)
I knew there was an ulterior motive ;)

j/k Casey

Enjoy the couple time. My wife and I have a ball using our 'date night' to go shooting
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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