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    Hey guys, just joined. I bought a G19 gen 4 on the 25th. I can't get out to shoot it for a week sadly. But I was wondering what if anything I can/need to do for a break in period. Also if there is any must have tool for cleaning and maintenance. I do have a cleaning kit, but any like all in one tool. The plastic tool I got with it for the interchangeable back strap came broken. So I need to replace that. Also taking my safety class in a few weeks so that must have is covered too lol.
  2. Nothing needs to be done for break in except shooting. Glock ships it with a break in compound in place. Here is my method, because I don't clean my Glock like a surgical room like some people do.

    Fire 200 (300 if you have the $$ and time) rounds through the gun.
    Buy some CLP.
    Apply two drops of CLP to the spring, one to the rear of the slide, and one down the barrel.
    Cycle and dry fire a few times.
    Load and go on with life.

    My highest fired gun is my third gen G19, bought new in 2007. It has over 50,000 rounds through it and has been cleaned ten times. Every six months since I bought it. Never replaced a thing on the gun except the trigger connector for 3.5 pounds.

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    So far the only thing that I'm disappointed in is the MBS tool came broken and it turned out to be a pain in the ass to get the pin in to the medium strap. That aside, I am in love with this gun!
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    Like nukin said, just go shoot it!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum.
    First things first.

    • Put the gun down,and, read & understand your Owners Manual.
    • Assemble your cleaning rod.
    • Remove all ammo to another area;
    • Field strip your Glock
    • Re-read the Owners Manual and familiarize yourself with the gun and its components
    • Use the cleaning rod and nylon bore brush to ensure the chamber and bore are clear.
    Reassemble the gun and dry fire it several times paying attention to your grip and trigger pull.

    • Practice your trigger pull with an empty gun and no ammo around until you get to the range.
    • ENJOY the new toy safely!
  7. If you are going to field strip it DO NOT touch anywhere inside, you don't want to disturb the grease.

    Glock has suggested time and time again that the hand gun should not be field stripped, cycled, or dry fired anymore then is absolutely needed prior to the break in shooting. Why? You will spread around and disturb the compound put in for break in.

    Will it matter? Doubtful, but there's no reason to do any of that more than maybe 3-5 times just to be familiar. If you practice gun safety you will be familiar soon enough anyway.
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    When I got they oiled it for me and I got 10 rounds through it. It was so exciting that I decided it was safer to put it down for then. I've wanted a handgun for as long as I can remember, I'm 31 so its been a while. So I'll admit I was also nervous about using a gun with out a safety, aside from the brain safety. Between that and shooting a more powerful shot than a .22 it was a pretty awesome moment. So I used the brain safety and decided that it was time to pack up and come home so I didn't over excite and stop thinking.

    That being said we field stripped and cleaned it as per the manual, my dad has been around guns for a long time so we did it together, then put it away. Since then I have been doing small practicing with changing empty mags, getting a feel for the trigger pull, stances and holding it. Sadly I take care of my mother who is bed bound and is not really into guns so until my dad gets back I'm pretty much stuck on reading duty. But I have gone through all the paperwork a few times and I'm doing what reading I can online about the gun, well Glocks. I found an old copy of the Armorer's Manual so I'm going through that a few times too.

    I'm planning on getting my ear and eye safety ordered Monday so that should be here before I go out next. Hate using other peoples glass and muffs. As of now I'm looking at the Oakley ones with the stamped rating and not sure about the muffs but probably something with the mic. If all works out right, I'll be out shooting next sunday, not tomorrow sunday, and I plan on putting some rounds through it. Range out here is $12 no time limit so gonna take my time learning it.
  9. Can't go wrong with Oakley. I own around ~$3000.00 worth of Oakley gear
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    Ya I own a lot too. Not that much though lol.
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    What?:( BS

    The gold ANTI-SEIZE is just that. A preventative measure in case the gun sits for a long time before being sold, that's all. Where does this stuff (info) come from? Where does GLOCK INC provide that tidbit of information?

    Actually you can strip and clean the anti-seize out if you like BUT Lube the gun as described in the Owners Manual before dry firing it or shooting.
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  12. >>BS

    You can call BS all you want, but I sat through a 8 hour Team Glock seminar in Las Vegas that was mostly a bore fest, but they spent almost a full hour on break in taking Q&A from attendees. Like I said, personally I really doubt that it will matter a damn bit. We all know you can pack the thing with high grit metal polish and no lube and go put 100,000 rounds through it and the thing is going to perform the same as if you do it any other way.

    I'm simply regurgitating the Team Glock information. They only repeated it like 15 times during the Q&A.
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    Who was the instructors?
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    You are on love with it, but you have not fired it? Interesting.