Besides confirmation of the new Glock Model 40 and the debut of a new line of optics ready factory pistols, a number of aftermarket Glock accessories emerged this week to include innovative (and inexpensive) new magazines, optics mounts, and even a AR-stock with a Glock compartment.

The New Model 40


Well we have brought you the rumors and speculation in the past few months, but now it's official.

Don't let the model fool you, this latest entry from the Austrian polymer pistol powerhouse is actually a 10mm Auto-- the bigger and spicier brother of the more polite .40S&W. This 4th Generation longslide huntsman with a full 6-inch barrel, 15-shot magazine and the new Modular Optics System (more on that below) that comes ready made for your handgun red dots.

Of course it's a hoss at 40.14 oz. loaded, but hey, how many 15-shot 10mm longslides are there out there? Other interesting specs: overall length is an impressive 9.49-inches giving the gun a very respectable sight radius of 8.19. You can expect it to be hyper accurate.

MOS System

The new Modular Optic System (MOS) will be available for select models of their practical/tactical line to include the Gen 4 G34, G35, G40 and G41.

Watch Team GLOCK's Tori Nonaka (Top Gun Tori) discuss GLOCK's new MOS Configuration from SHOT Show's Industry Day at the Range.

ALG Defense 6-Second Mount

The guys over at ALG have come up with an optics/accessory mount that is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for the Gen 3 Glock 17,22,24,31, 34, and 35. According to the company's release: "When entering a linear environment, such as an airplane or bus, the team's primary weapon was their pistol and they were looking for a fast sighting method that was rugged and robust. Red dot scopes mounted directly to their pistol slides were showing a high failure rate, due to extreme acceleration or deceleration of the slide. The balance of the pistols was thrown off from the rearward scope mounting position, and the slides were weakened from machining a pocket for the scopes into the top of the slide.


The name, 6-Second Mount, comes from a description used by one of the operators: "The fight lasts 6 seconds... Either they're dead or you're dead, and aggression saves the day." MSRP is $250 for black and $265 for swag DDC.



Mule Tactical of Mount Washington, KY has announced their Adaptive Storage Stock which has a recessed compartment inside of a $180 buttstock made to fit Mil STD M4/AR tubes. The compartment will hold either a compact Glock or S&W for those guys who like to transition while fumbling with their buttstock anyway...

RIA .22TCM conversion slide

The .22TCM is the hottest and coolest round out there but very few guns shoot it. However, at Rock Island Armory has a kit out there that comes with a barrel, guide rod, recoil spring and slide for the Glock that will do the trick. We can't find any info on RIA's website but TFB has a good write up.

Hank Strange got his hands on a Rock Island .22TCM caliber (it's a bottle necked 9mm) conversion slide for the Glock 17 that runs about $399

New aftermarket mags

Since so many gun companies are using Glock mags now (Just Right, Masterpiece Arms, Kel Tec, etc.) besides Glock GmBH, it makes sense that folks want to get in on the aftermarket mag biz. Although there is no shortage of ROK military surplus mags and other overseas offerings, two big names have jumped in feet first this year.

  • Magpul popped up just before SHOT and announced their new PMAG 17 GL9, a polymer body 9mm mag for the Glock 17. This groovy little jewel is retailing direct from Magpul's site for $15.95 and includes natty orange followers.

  • Elite Tactical Systems announced a group of 9mm Glock mags (up to 33 round) that are very HK-like in the aspect that they clear. Tell me again how you hate witness holes? MSRP on these are expected to be "under $20"

PWS Enhanced Duty Slide

For Glock 19 and 17 Gen 1-3 pistols (who doesn't love the classics!) Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) revealed its brand new Enhanced Duty Slide (EDS) with optional night sights that install with a field strip that reportedly upgrade the trigger break without the traditional creep and increase reliability. These are tough SOBs, billet-machined from 1704 Stainless. With Glock sights, the slide MSRP for $449. With Trijicon sights, add $100 more.

With all that being said, we saw just about everything we could want for/from Glock this SHOT Show.

Well, almost everything...