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    Glock has been listening to its shooters. They have now designed a beavertail backstrap for Gen 4 Glocks. If you use a high grip on your Glock then you may have experienced "slide-bite". This beavertail backstrap prevents this situation. It looks similar to the 1911 beavertail safety. The new backstrap installs easily just like the existing Gen 4 backstraps do and there will be 2 sizes available...medium and large.

    I personally, have never had a "slide-bite" and I do use a high grip on my Glocks.

    Glock is a dedicated manufacturer and continues to improve its incredible design. Amazing!

    Here is a picture of the new backstrap...
  2. des2013

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    Heard about that just yesterday in my Glock Armorer's Course. They didn't have a picture though. Hope to see one of those in person at the NRA Meetings in STL.

  3. nyycanseco33

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    They unveiled those beavertail backstraps at last years Shot Show in Las Vegas but have yet to sell them commercially to civilians or LEO... The only ones I have seen with them are certain select Glock armorers... They are much better that the aftermarket beavertail that you can buy to add on because they travel the entire lengths of the backstrap for added comfort and support... Maybe someday we all shall be just as lucky to get one for our Gen4 Glocks
  4. kodiak

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    Yeah, they had them at shot show. I don't like them (that's just me). At least Glock is giving users options though.
  5. nyycanseco33

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    I like the fact that there are options, I don't necessarily need some though cause I don't suffer from any slide bite but others here might... Just nice to see them offering things to appeal to everybody regardless of their size and shooting form
  6. kmazza

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    I do like a company that continues to improve their product. A friend of mine has large fingers and cannot hold the Glock comfortably because his fingers are too fat for the Glock finger groves. I wish they would make a straight grip Glock so I can convert him from his XDm.
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    Hey the US-Shooter blog yours....?!
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    I would really like a G19, but I have the same problem with my hands. The 17 is fine however so I can't complain too much. I doubt if Glock would make a grip w/o finger grooves. Didn't they start that way?
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    Yes, it is my blog.
  10. kmazza

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    I believe the Glock Gen 1 had a straight grip.
  11. I wonder what the hold up is, what the hell is taking them so long to bring this out.
  12. Webphisher

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    Gen 1 and 2 were groove less, the FGR (Finger groove and rail) frame came out in Gen3.
  13. nyycanseco33

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    I assume a lot had to do with the Gen 4 G19 RSA and ejector issue that they didn't expect but I'm not 100% sure, it's just my own opinion and not fact (don't want rumors started)
  14. GlockIt

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    Funny you mention that, because my 27 is a gen 2 and when we all go shooting it bites my buddys xl hands, but my 2xl hands never had that issue
  15. I would love to try one but it would highly defeat the reason I've stop buying Gen3's and started buying nothing but Gen4's.......the wicked new small grip.

    And there's no way I would try one of those hideous Grip Force beavers.
  16. Trotac

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    They are only being made in the Austrian plant(s). When I went through Armorer's school back in Feb. (a week or two after SHOT) the instructor said that they could be available "tomorrow, or this Summer" as in no one knows when they'll hit the streets.

    I too am anxiously awaiting them. I get some pretty awesome slide bite if I ever shoot an unmodified Glock. I shoot a real high grip and I apparently have extra meaty hands, which is not a good combo at all.

    All of my Gen 3's have beavertails that I made with Acraglas, but it will be nice to not have to go to all of that trouble with the drop-in Gen 4 backstraps. I *hope* that the new ones will give the feel of my Gen 3 21SF, which is the only stock Glock I've ever had that doesn't get me.
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    Here are a few pictures of my most used gear that I have for my GEN 4's 23&27.

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