New Glock!, Awesome story on how I got it.

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    So first and foremost, I am a firearms noob. I shot a few black powder rifles as child because my father was into them but other than that, no prior experince.

    That said, my wife and I both have our carry permits. My father in law is an avid hunter and gave her a .38 snub revolver for ccw. I mentioned in passing that I should obtain a gun as well and put my permit to use. Well he was very nice because a few days later he offered me one of his guns. I am not sure of the model but it was a tiny little semi auto. I could easly palm the whole thing. I 380 of some sort if I recall. I politely declined.

    So I started researching hand guns and almost instantly fell in love with the glock. Most people seem to the thing they are ugly....I think they look like what a pistol should. So I asked my father in law to come with me to a gun store and help my pick one out.

    He did so and after handling about every glock option, the 21 was for me. It just fit my hand perfect. I was aware that the 9mm was cheaper to shoot and the subcompacts are eaiser to carry but none of them felt right but the 21.

    I was ready to make a purchase right there but he said to wait, that he had just about every caliber there is (none glock, he prefers 9mm sigs) and then make a purchase. I was sad but I listened.

    I was honestly worried that the recoil on a 45 would be to much for me (I am not a big guy) but like I said the fatter grip was a perfect fit.

    So I went to his house and shot a 9mm auto, .38 revolver, .45 SW revolver and 45 auto. After shotting the 45 auto, he said you still like that 45? I said oh yeah, i was afraid of the recoil but turns out, it's not a problem. He said ok, load up a full clip and have at it again. At this point I was doing well to get one round out of a clip on the paper (remember I am a total noob). So I refilled a mag and gave it another go.

    After I was done I turned around and he said you still like it? I said yup. he said ok try that one. I looked down and there was a brand new glock 21 in it's case. I said that's a glock...he said yup. I said you don't like glocks...he said nope. I said then why do you own one? He said I don't. I said then who's is it? He said yours and tossed me a box of .45 acp....load it up.

    Turns out he went half in one on with my wife and bought it for me! He also provided a mags worth of hydra-shok for ccw. Now is that awesome or what????

    Now I dunno if it was my happiness or that perfect hand fit but the first three rounds out of my glock 21 were on the paper, it was the best I did all day and there are now three loves in my life my wife, my glock and .45 ACP.

    That said, the 21 is not a small gun, any advice on a ccw holster other than open carry and IWB?

    Second question, I have not shot it since a few days ago with that first box of ammo, any suggestions on what to get to clean it because I am guessing it needs cleaned. Thanks for listening!
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    Also...gotta show it off :)

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Burnsy, that is a cool story! I personally think the 21 is kind-of big for a CCW, but a good Outside the waist band holster would probably be best. That is just my .02 cents worth. You may get some better advice from a 21 carrier. I will add this, the 21 was the first Glock I ever shot...hit every bullet in the 10 and 9 rings...that sold me! Congrats on having some dang good in-laws!
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    Great story behind the purchase!

    Welcome :)
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    You can carry just about any gun if you are willing to dress around the gun. Hawaiian shirts or similar type shirts hide big guns well! Butt Packs are great for the 21. I know people say "If you are wearing a Butt Pack everybody will know you are packing." Heck I have even had cops who have pulled me over not click on the butt Pack! Also Belly Bands are great for concealing the big guns! BTW start saving for a G 30! If ya like the 21 you will LOVE the 30! If you shoot well with the 21 you will shoot better with the 30. That has been my experience and several other friends of mine! I carried a 21 for 4 yrs (Until the 30 came out) and it is doable as long as you dress around it! I usually wear a Harley "Shop Shirt" that buttons up in front or an Hawaiian shirt. But sometimes especially when I am on my Harley I use the Butt Pack.
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    Ive got a glock 21sf. Absolutely love it!
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    Welcome Burnsy, really cool story, thanks for sharing. Glocks do not have to be cleaned that offen, but it is fun to break them down and shine them up.
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    Great story, you sure do have a Wonderful Wife and Father in law.
    Does your wife have a sister? Just joking there.
    Great looking firearm.
    To me that would be a little large for a CCW but its possible.
    Holster for CC, well that all depends on your preference of holster styles. Try them before you buy them of possible.
    Good Luck, Nice Wepon.
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    Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have some great inlaws!! The 21 is a fine weapon, it is a great way to catch the fever! You won't be able to own just one Glock. I know it's not the best but I carry my in an inexpensive checkmate IWB holster. For outside carry, I like the factory Glock Sport Combat Holster. Just my 2 cents. Again, congratulations!!!
  10. Awesome story man!! Congrats!!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Burnsey !!

    .45 caliber is a good choice...
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    Burnsey, I carried a Beretta 96D for 19 years IWB. It could get a little, er, uncomfortable at times.:rolleyes:

    A hi-rise OWB might be more comfortable. Galco has some good, although expensive, OWB holsters.

    Don't be discouraged though. It took me 19 years to find a Glock and a DeSantis Scorpion.:D
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    I have a CHL and I carry outside the pants on a paddle fobus evo glock 17c it's not a small glock either but I Carey's nice just get a 5.11 jacket to conceal it the jacket is thin and durable but has extra compartments to place things even a back up.
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    Wow very friendly users here! Thanks for all the responses and information, I have a lot to learn but I certainly found my resource :). Thanks again!
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    Great story, great gun, and great in-laws!! Congrats!!
  16. Welcome to the forums Burnsy! Thats a great story!!

    You have an amazing Father in law! lol

    As for CCW, I carried a Glock 22 which is very close to the same size for a long time. There are some high rise IWB (Inside waist band) that you can wear at the 4 o clock position that would not bother you.

    Next choice is wearing it on the small of your back, only down fall is that its slightly harder to access...

    I don't know how tall you are but I am 5'7", 165lbs and can conceal the 22 easily. You have just to be mindful of what you wear. Now that you will be carrying, next time you go closthes shopping bring your gun and try the clothes on with the gun so you can find out if it truely fits.

    As stated earlier Glocks don't "need" to be cleaned after every use but as a new gun owner I would suggest doing so. That way you can more comfortable with your gun and insure that it will work flawlessly! The owners manual will show you how to break it down but if you go to youtube you will find a lot of helpful videos.

    What you want to do is called "Field Stripping" it. Which means that you will take the slide off the frame, pull the guide spring off and slide the barrel out of the frame. For standard maintenance this is as far as you have to break the glock down.

    Specially for a new gun owner I would suggest you pick up any brand of CLP which stands for Cleaner, lubricant, and protectant. That way as you are cleaning and wiping it down you are completely caring for it with one product. I am not going to go in to too much detail right now but all of the barrel has to be scrubbed and wiped, the inside of the slide but try to keep the back of the slide where the firing pin stays dry.

    Any questions you have we are happy to help!
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    clean with alcohal dry dont over oil is the most important. i have mad this mistake. i have had the G21 for 8 years love it and wife has a G19 i got her for christmas.
    I just git a sig 1911-22 ONLY because glock dont make one in a complete gun for my early birthday present. you have a great family protect them
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    I carry a 21 and personally i don't think its to big for me atleast iam 6 foot 190 pounds and I use a uncle mikes IWB holster and love it also have a blackhawk OWB holster but prefer IWB. Enjoy your new glock and great story
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    I carry my Glock 22 in a iwb crossbreed style holster a friend made me, and no one noticed I had it on my fist time out. No one ever does. I wore it to a friends when he fixed my tv, stood right beside him, he was eye level with my gun and never even noticed, and he also is a ffl holder so if he'd seen it he would have asked me why I didn't buy it from him. Don't worry about print I wear t-shirts year around and hide mine very well. My safariland level 2 holster is collecting dust on my gun locker now! I'm 6.1 245 lbs sense others mentioned I thought I would.
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    Thanks for the info will pick up some CLP today when I go out and will clean it for the first time tonight, still undecided on method of carry so it stays in the car when I go somewhere for now. That said went to an inside range last night for the first time. Was just the wife and I in lanes next to eachother. She was using her 38 and said she damned near dropped her gun when I sent the first one down range. 45s are LOUD in enclosed spaces... That said (keep in mind that I am a total noob), I always thought you line the back sights up with the front sight then line that up with where you want the bullet to go and squeeze. Turns out the hole appears somewhere else. I know creating a group takes skill but I don't know how to attain that skill or what I should be working on to become more accurate. Any advice or a guide to shooting technique?

    I was fun killing a few zombies......I am hooked.