New Glock and a couple cool pix

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by TampaBaySean, May 10, 2012.

  1. TampaBaySean

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    I collect Die cast cars like franklin mint ,danbury mint , and Action Nascar , I have these 2 and decided on a photoshoot. the Glock car is autographed on the box and rear window,



  2. chuckds

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    Some nice photos, well done.

  3. GAgal

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    Cars and guns - what's not to like. Cool pix TBS!
  4. prairie

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  5. Birddogyz

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    Nice, thanks for sharing.
  6. TheKraken

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    Very cool TampaBay!!!!
    Nice pics.
  7. TampaBaySean

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    I was having trouble getting the lighting correct, but I may have a new sig pic coming lol
  8. dslmac2

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    Very cool. I there really a Glock NASCAR? What size die casts do you collect? Those look like 1/18. I have about 20 of them, mainly exotics.
    Very cool Glock car tho. I will have to search for one.
  9. TampaBaySean

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    1/24 . I have exotic , domestics , classics , NASCAR , trucks , you name it lol
  10. Glock needs to form a 2 wheel race team!!!

    Cool pics.