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  1. Hi I got my first Glock today a 34. It is nice I like the longer barrel. Only problem IS IT jammed 4 times iN fifty rounds!It shot accurate just jammed. I cleaned and lubed it no grease though. Could it be because of no grease? It jammed 2nd or 3rd shot in mag. It is a gen 3 and I bought it new! Maybe it neeeds more break in Im just guessing.Never thought I would have a problem with a gen 3.
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    Can you define jamming better? Did it fail to feed or did it fail to eject? If its failing to feed its probably limp wristing it.

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    Does this happen with the same magazine? Have you tried other magazines?
  4. It is failing to feed almost in the chamber. It did it with both mags. I thought limp wristing but I grip her tight and firm!Loading mags was tough 10 round mag and hard to load round 7.I need to get another mag. I wish I could find a 15 round mag. I find 17 rounds but that will give me 5 in the state pen in jersey!I like the Glock!Thinking about getting a ported barrel down the road.Have to get her shooting with no failure to feed problems.A Glock 22 or a 35 will be my next Glock buy.
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    It's probably the 10-round magazines causing it. The 2183 followers are known to cause failures to feed sometimes. The latest followers are 2183-1 but you might still experience problems with those. If you have the old 2183 followers, call Glock, speak to the Warranty Service Department and tell them about the problem. Ask if they can send you the latest followers for the 10-round magazines.

    If you already have the 2183-1 followers or Glock won't send them to you, try some 9mm3 followers.

    What ammo are you using?
  6. I found the problem! The extracter had so much crap from production in there! I was surprised it worked!I guess it did not hold case tight enough to get a strong ejection!All cases were over my right shoulder!Iused balzer 115 fmy 125 hap reloads which it loved!Not one case hit the top of my head or face.No failure to feed.It is accurate. My glock rocks now!I have to load some more 125 hap bullets.

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    I read the G34 loves 147gr to break it in with about 300 rounds. However, my Gen4 34 loved 115gr loads and never had one problem with it. Keep shooting it to break in the feed ramp and call GLOCK. They should help you out with the proper springs you need.