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    I bought a new G23 yesterday. I gotta wait ten days for CA. Is there anything I need to know before I shoot and break it somehow. Best ways to clean and care for it. I do have other guns and a gun safe, but no handguns other than a .22 Ruger Revolver. I have shot handguns from my brother and uncle, so shooting is not new. Any advice would be great! Thanks.
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    1. Don't shoot unjacketed lead bullets in the factory barrel.
    2. Every time you reassemble the gun from field strip, be sure to fully seat the base of the guide rod into the crescent-shaped notch in the barrel lug, even if you didn't take the barrel and guide rod out of the slide when you field stripped it.
    3. Don't get excess oil into the firing pin channel or around the extractor and firing pin safety. Excess oil in these areas will collect a lot more residue and brass flakes which will eventually lead to various malfunctions.

    When I get a new Glock, I run a clean dry patch down the bore of the barrel to be sure that it's clear of obstructions and any excess oil. I run another clean dry patch over the breech face and under the extractor claw using a Hoppe's nylon Utility Brush with the patch wrapped around either end. When I bought my G27, the breech face and extractor claw were literally dripping in oil. Then I put a small drop of oil onto each lubricating point specified in the instruction manual and take the gun to the range. Any brand of gun oil or grease should work fine, I personally use Ballistol.

    Here are some cleaning and lubrication videos:

    (I find nothing wrong with reversing the direction of the bore brush while it's in the bore. Also, to clean the slide rails and under the frame rails I wrap a patch around an old expired plastic ID card)

    (When I put a drop of oil into each slide rail, I hold the slide with the muzzle pointed to the ground and put the small drop of oil into the rear of each slide rail, then I let gravity carry the drop down the length of the slide rail. Once it reaches the muzzle end, I wipe the excess away with a patch.)

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    I have two 13 round magazines for my G23 and they are not drop free. They are factory Glock mags too. Does Glock make a drop free 13 round mag for the G23? If they do how can you tell the difference between them?