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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by brutusvk, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. brutusvk

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    My wife is getting ready to do a week long firearms academy for work. So, I am getting her pistol ready. (my old 23 she "stole" from me!) So I got her a Storm Lake barrel and a tungsten guide rod. Looks pretty. Fits very well. Can't wait to see how it shoots.

    Here are some cell phone pics.

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  2. Seawolf

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    A lot better than Wolff that's for sure. One thing I hate about my 40-9 Wolf barrel is that stupid graphic on top of the breach. Ironically they charge extra to buy one without the etching. lol scam. BTW- what did you pay for that one?

  3. I've seen some older pics of the lone wolf barrel and the wolf does look horrible. I bought one for my G35 and it doesn't look that bad!!!

  4. Glockmaster

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    You can request & pay just a little more for the blind mark. This is where they place a smaller wolf logo underneath by the locking lugs on the barrel. FYI.
  5. brutusvk

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    I paid $143.39 to the door. I think it is good quality stuff too. I don't like the look of the lonewolf barrels either. And paying more to get it without the logo is silly. I have a loewold barrel through Gemtech and it has no logo. :)

    I am seriously thinking of buying a Glock 32 (so I can complete the series) to carry on duty. I have to decide before the next requal I do in Sept. If so I may just get the Storm Lake for it. Or I may go crazy and finally break down and get a barsto. I love the KKM barrels too. I don't think you go wrong with any of those.
  6. Looks good I like the lone wolf barrels better tho.
  7. brutusvk

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    Shot the gun today. I actually noticed a difference with this barrel over stock. (so did my wife) The barrel is a tad tighter than the lone wolf. I would say I like the storm lake as much as my KKM. (although I still like how KKM looks better :) )
  8. pilotvtail

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    Experienced shooter but new to Glocks...just got my first a few months ago. When you say these barrels are better than stock, what do you mean? What is the improvement over stock, I.e., weight, accuracy, etc? Thanks!
  9. Redneckcmb

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    It's preference !! Unless u reload !

    Glock uses (Polygonal rifling ( /pəˈlɪɡənəl/) [1] is a type of gun barrel rifling where the traditional lands and grooves are replaced by "hills and valleys" in a rounded polygonal pattern, usually a hexagon or octagon.)


    The polygonal barrels are only for use with jacketed bullets . (And yes there are people that shoot lead through them) but glock will void your warranty if they find out you did.
    Also the glock barrels have what is described as an unsupported chamber . which means it has 5 to 10 thousands of extra space in the chamber. to allow for dirt mud ect... to be in the chamber and allow it to still function. the casing just has to expand farther to meet the chamber walls.
    What this means for reloaders is your brass doesn't last that long . In aftermarket barrels lone wolf especially they have smaller chamber tolerance and standard lands and grooves, so lead shoots better and your brass lasts longer.

    All in all if u don't reload its just for looks
  10. When I got the LWD barrel for my G30 I measured the I.D. of the chamber as well as the depth of the chamber. Both were identical to my Glock barrel. Where it was different was in the Freebore/Leade/Throat of the barrel in that the rifling almost came back to the chamber which makes it hard to chamber a round even with normal OAL since the bullet(especially a .452") runs into the rifling before the case can headspace on the front of the chamber. This sticks the bullet tightly into the rifling and makes it hard to rack the slide to extract the round.
    Easy fix is to polish the rifling away just ahead of the chamber to open it up a bit to allow the bullet room so the cartridge can headspace properly. That's what I did and it took care of the "problem" just fine. It would be a lot better if LWD would just cut a .452" Freebore ahead of the chamber for about .050" but I guess they're just not going to change their chamber reamers so we're stuck with things the way they are.