New Gen 4 G23, range report, brass to head....

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  1. ...but not what you think. Yeah, since getting my Gen 4 G19, I'm a huge Gen 4 fan. I sold my Gen 3 G19 for my Gen 4 G23. Yep, it looks like any other Gen 4 19, 23, 32 [​IMG] My goal with this was to shoot .40, .357 and 9mm. I put 130 rounds down range today and the brass to the head was due to brass ricocheting off the wall and into my bald skull, forgot my hat today. I used 100 rounds of Remington 165 JHP and 15 rounds of Remington Golden Sabre and Speer Got Dot. Zero issues, no FTF, FTE, no brass to the face, nothing. Snappy for sure. Soon, .357 barrel and LW 9mm converson.


    Also, 100 more rounds of 115gr Speer Lawman in my Gen 4 G19, no issues, one piece of brass over my head. I put it away though until I get my new RSA as the stock one was bent, Glock said part of a defective batch. Still works like a charm though [​IMG]


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