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new g4 glock 19

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Hello everyone I bought a new gen 4 glock 19 and im wanting to know if anyone has a decent reveiw on them. I didnt do to much research but ive always liked them.
Thanks for any input
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Welcome to the Glock forum nico936 !!

Let's see some pics of that Gen4 G19...
Give me a little while my phone is a little difficult ill have them up tonight.
There ya go...nice !!
Nice. How I wish I got the gen4. mine's gen3 btw.
Welcome, and congrats on a great firearm! I love my Gen4 G19!
Great choice,looks exactly like my gen4 19!
Its not for conceal carry. I do not currently have a chl. My father had one as his service pistol in the early 90's, that along with its simplicity I chose to get one. Im still a big fan of my sig p250 but im leaning towards the glock more and more.
In your OP you asked for a review. I have a Gen4 Model 19 and have run 200 rounds through it. It's incredibly accurate right out of the box and holds a nice tight pattern. It's also a genuine pleasure to shoot. Very little kick or rise off the target. It's easy to bring it right back in for another shot.

However -- In those first 200 rounds I had 3 FTE (failure to eject). I had to rack the slide to make it right. Then it would go right back to work.
I emailed Glock about it and they had me take it back to the store (where it is now) to have a new ejector put in. So get yours out there and put some ammo through it. If it acts up at all, call or email or call Glock to have them make it right for you.
Up to 500 rounds of cheap ammo in my Gen 4 so far without a hiccup, it just keeps asking for more!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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