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    I just bought my first glock. G23 gen4. I just put 350 rounds through it last night and absolutely love it. I couldn't be more excited for the next day at the range. I was worried about the issues with the gen4 but have not had one hiccup at all with it. It has shot great. Did I mention I love it. Can't wait to get that ccw so I can see her everyday. Thanks for all the info everyone. Does anyone know about the available conversions for this model. Thanks again
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    Oh i forgot these in case you wanted to see her.

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  3. Welcome

    I have the same gun. You have more mags then me. Mine is still better then yours. Why? Cause its mine. lol
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    Nice gun dude. See that's why the internet can be harmful or hurtful. The issues with the Gen4s have long been resolved by Glock with replacement parts for the defective guns. I don't think the 23 was affected at all in the first place.
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    Hello, LoveThyGlock, and WELCOME to the Forum!
  7. Welcome to the forum! And good choice my friend, thats the next thing that I am looking at getting :)
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    I believe you are correct, I believe the issues was with the 17 an 19 mostly
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    Thanks for the input everyone. I'm feeling more confident now that I have put some rounds through and no problems. I had a NEW local gun shop that told me they were junk and that they wouldn't even sell the gen4 because of that. I believe they were just trying to sell me on one of there used gen3's they had in the case. I almost returned mine and bought one. The more I thought about it, the more it pissed me off. I don't appreciate someone trying to do business that way. Come to find out they aren't a rep for glock and can't get the gen4 glocks. Needless to say they lost my business. If you can't do honest business with me, then I will go somewhere else. If they had been honest I would have been loyal to them because of being local. It kinda of sucks cause they did have good ammo prices. But I don't like someone trying to take me for a fool.
  10. I expect my G23 that is brand new to perform the same way tomorrow. Had a store do exact same thing to me. I went to another store and bought a Gen4 any way.
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