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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tomahawkmartin, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I just ordered my new G23 Gen 4. I don't have a concealed carry permit yet so I have to wait for my background check to go through before I can pick it up. This is my first gun so I wanted to get on here and see what everyone thought about theirs. I am interested in all Glocks not just the 23 or the gen 4. If anyone has experience with the 23 gen 4, I would love to hear about it before I get mine. I look forward to joining the discussions to come.

    G23 Gen4

  2. Welcome and that 23 will serve you well. I've put my gen 3 23 through the mill and it performs flawlessly.
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    Hello, Marty (Tomahawkmartin), and WELCOME to the Forum!

    The '23 is an excellent weapon, don't have one myself yet but have shot may others' '23's. The recoil is somewhat snappy due to the cartridge, but nothing uncontrollable. Myself, I have and carry a G26 and a G30, both Gen3, both been with me for a while, both are reliable enough for my life to depend on them, and I believe this is true of all Glocks. Well, perhaps not the G18 in full auto, that's just for FUN!! :D

    Again, Marty, WELCOME!
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    I've had my 23 Gen 4 for about 4 months now. A few thousand rounds through it. I try to hit the range once or twice a week. Hasn't meant a round it doesn't like yet. This after being a Smith revolver man for decades. After shooting the Gen 3, I can tell a big difference in the Gen 4's recoil spring. You'll love it. Get in as much range time as you can.
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    Thanks for all the reviews guys. Other than putting the night sights on it, I don't plan on making any modifications to it. I did a lot of research on Glocks before choosing the 23. I went with it because it was a midsize caliber between a 9mm and 45. It was also a midsize gun in the 40 caliber. I've read a few things about people having failure to feeds. I plan on locking the slide open over night for a few days to break in the spring. I also heard to leave the mags loaded to do the same.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum tomahawkmartin !!
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    Welcome! Or you can use going to shoot a lot as an excuse to break in the spring ;)