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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by wareaglescott, Mar 12, 2012.

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    I purchased a new G23 Gen4 today and went directly to the range to try it out.

    The first 100 rounds or so the gun operated nicely except after the final round of the magazine the slide would not lock back. The next 100 rounds (I started loading about 5 at a time only so I could get more opportunities to see what was happening) the slide would lock back only about 50% of the time after the last round was fired. There were no feed issues or ejector issues. I was shooting with a firm 2 handed grip so I don't think that was the problem. Used 2 boxes of ammo I purchased at the range, 180 gr Fmj not sure of the brand, and 2 boxes of federal 180gr purchased at Walmart.

    Any thoughts of why this was happening? Does the gun need some sort of break in? Should I be overly concerned?

    I normally clean my guns before the first shooting and have never had an issue like this before! I didn't clean today prior to shooting because I had the time and a convienant location to shoot. Since I have been home it has gotten a thorough cleaning. I am hopeful on the next outing it will operate a little better.

    I do really like the gun, nice fit to my hand. My only other Glock is a 17 but I think this will be my new favorite.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. did you alternate the magazines? Could be a bad mag.

  3. wareaglescott

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    Used all 3 mags. All of them worked/did not work at various times.
  4. Is your quip interfering with the slide lock?
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    Hello, Wareaglescott, and WELCOME to the Forum.

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    I'm assuming that is an autocorrect on grip?

    That is a possibility I guess. I didn't really think about that. I have pretty big hands that seem to take up a lot of space with a two handed grip and that has not been a factor on my 17. I did change to the large backstrap when I got home. I will pay more attention to that next time I shoot.

  7. Yeah I was on my phone when I made that reply....sorry for the "quip".
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    No problem. That darn auto correct gets me all the time!
  9. 17=full size, 23= compact. You may be so used to your 17 full grip that it may be inadvertently causing you to grip:D to high on the 23.
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    As others have said, it's likely that part of your grip is holding the slide stop down so it doesn't lock the slide back. It's surprisingly easy to do without realizing it, I did it on my G27, I changed my grip and it locks back every time now.
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    Just food for thought here. When I went from my Gen 3 to my Gen 4 G23 I initially thought the stock SF sized grip would be what I should use. I to started having issues with the slide not locking back. Initially I thought it was mag issue, but then when I shot one handed the slide locked back every time so it was obvious my fat thumb was hitting the slide lock. Add to that I had put a extended slide lock lever on it and this compounded the issue. I also noticed my groups were off to the right. Cause- Too much trigger finger on the trigger. Fix- Put the medium backstrap on making the Gen 4 grip the same size as a Gen 3 grip and all of my issues went away. My thumb was no longer hitting the slide lock and my groups were back to normal.

    Moral of the story is that even though the smaller grip sometimes initially feels better that doesn't mean it actually fits you. My advice is try the medium backstrap and see what happens. Also another type for your Gen4 is lock the slide back when not in use and store it that way until your next range trip. That new spring is pretty stiff so you want to compress it as much as possible. Usually not an issue for the 40S&W since that's what the dual spring was designed for, but it help me.
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    I appreciate everyone's advise. This was my first time posting here and it seems very helpful. Looking forward to my next range visit to try it out again.
  13. wareaglescott

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    Went back to the range today and had zero problems. The slide locked back on the completion of each magazine. I paid more attention to my grip in relation to the slide lock and I think that was the problem.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum wareaglescott !!

    Glad to hear the problem went away...
  15. Glad to see everything worked out.
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    That problem was solved super fast haha, and welcome to the forums!