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    Well, my wife got to shoot her new G19. She is really good with the new pistol. Very natural and it doesn't hurt her bad hand. Her target is the one without the orange stick on. She was shooting at 7 yards. She shot winchester white box and some 9mm NATO rounds. About 120 rounds in total. I took this picture after about 30 rounds.

    I shot my G31 and G20 today. I was shooting a bit left with the G20. The target with the 7 holes in it were from my G31 at 25 yards. I added the stick on after I shot. I am not great at 25 yards due to my eyesight but still all were in the scoring area! lol All the other shots in the other target were at 7 yards. Not too bad a day at the range. Too bad my wife's phone decided to die and ruined my good mood. lol

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    Nice shooting!

    I wonder what it's like to be a model for shooting targets. It'd be cool to see myself on paper targets, I'd put on a funny face to make it awkward for the people shooting at me.
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    Ask the guy from Top Shot. (Jake) He was such an A-hole that the made targets of him. Mike Hughes sold them. lol When they had a reunion from all three seasons at the SHOT show one person wasn't there. Can you guess who?

    The targets we were using are one of the target we do our yearly qual on.