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    Hello. New from Central Ohio here. I currently do not own a Glock at this time but plan on purchasing one in the very very near future. I currently own a sig sauer p250 9mm, keltec pf9, s&w m&p 15, ruger 10/22, and s&w .45 long colt revolver. I am planning on getting a G19 for concealed carry in winter time. Guys at the firehouse love Glock. I know they are very reliable hand guns and that's what I want when it comes to that functionality of a weapon for personal defense.
  2. Shoot the G19, 26, 22, and 27 before committing to one. With a grip extension on the 26 and 27 they are very comfortable, and are smaller for CCW.

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    Welcome from sunny south Floriduh...

    Couldnt agree more, unless your have a gorilla mit like I do, then the choice stops at G19
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum! I agree with those above, try out a 26 and a 19.

    Oh, and I am in North Ohio right now...enjoy the snow!
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    Welcome to the forum, be careful with your choice or you will end up with a safe full, (oh that happens anyways)
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    Welcome skern240!
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    I use a G26 for my off duty carry, its a great weapon, and very accurate! Good luck with your new firearm, Rock out with your Glock out !!!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum !!