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Hey everyone! Vrod787 coming to you from Cajun Country. Yup, there are Puerto Ricans in Cajun country haha better know as Cajaricans lol Well, I'm new to the site and just learning my way around. Just bought our first, of many, Glocks-Gen4 19. Mainly for my wife. She has never picked up a gun, only a water gun, and shoot the Gen3 and LOVED it. So for home defense I opted to get her something she felt comfortable shooting. I plan on getting better over time to eventually get up to a competing level. Any suggestions as to what Glock model, ammo etc to get me started. Also, if someone can recommend a good home defense round I can use in my wife's 19. Thanks in advance for any help!! Hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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