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New from Commifornia

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Just a Ca kid new to the forum. Love Glocks. Had a 36 while living in Austin, Tx but sold before i moved to Ca. Now have a Gen 3 30. Thinkng about a 23C
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Welcome fellow Commie! In reality, it is not that bad, except for the stupid waiting period so they can make sure you have been a good boy in your past.
Welcome to the Glock Forum al1599 !!

Great choice picking the about showing us a picture ?
Welcome, Al1599!

Over here, you will always be among friends, even though you choose to live in the Communist Republic (heh-heh :D )
I agree Havasu. I also do not like the fact that we can't order hi cap mags. I mean I seriously want an AR-15 with a 200 round drum.
Shooter13 Thank you and as soon as I get home this week I will put a pic or 2 up. I'm excited to be a part of this forum
Hey, Al1599, I just had a eyeball with another member, Series11 (I am from Northern Nevada). Drove over there to meet and have lunch and chat.

I told him this: you (and everyone else you know in your state) have a voice. You are governed by a ruling body that you chose by casting your vote. So you are unhappy now? Use your voice in the next local elections, starting with Mayor, and working on up. If more people like you stood up, talked to others, and rose to face the anti-gun machine, and spoke with one voice, eventually your voice will be heard. You can change your government. The elections are how you do it. Californians (and everyone else, for that matter) DESERVE to enjoy the Second Amendment rights that other states enjoy.
Welcome. Cheers
Welcome to the Glock Forum al1599!
Welcome to the forum!
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