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New Addition!! Gen4 17 !

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Just got home from picking this beauty up. Been wanting a Gen4 17 for a while. I can now scratch this off the list of Blue guns needed to make holsters from....

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Real nice Mike !!
One of my favorite things about it. Came factory with the smooth trigger. I've always want one but never had one. It feels sooooo much better.

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Mike, are you going out of your way to make the rest of us jealous?

Nice gun, bro, you did real good on that one! :D
Oh.....and yes I had TruGlo TFO's put on as I waited. Kind of sucks because TruGlo are a tad hard to line up on a fresh install. Since I've messed with them enough now, hopefully only a couple adjustments to the rear will be needed.

My finger is twitching waiting on tomorrow.
Damn you! That's the next one I want to aquire.
About to leave to take the new addition to it's first range visit. Awesome weather today. It's going to be a fun filled, full day of shooting!
Nice gun! Really? My TFOs were spot on the first time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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