New addition Gen 5 G26

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by LT5 John, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. LT5 John

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    I wanted to get another GEN 5 Glock to go with my Gen 5 G19. So looking around since last month, no one locally had Gen 5 G26. Thats what I wanted. So, about a month ago, I call my local range where I indoor shoot, I called them. If they happen by chance you get a Gen 5 G26 in to call me, I figured I would try, didn’t expect anything? Well low and behold,a month later they called me today,and out of no where the only pistol they got in was what I wanted. Happy as hell, ordered Night sights already and some extended mag base plates. On a side note, got to the gun store 9AM. Ran the background check, came back in about 5 minutes. Boy was I surprised it was so fast. Maybe right place right time
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  2. ddown

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    I got one last month my favorite and accurate for me. I seem to have tighter groups with it.
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  3. j102

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    Congrats! The G26 is the perfect match to the G19.
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  4. Toni77

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    and the pics?

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  5. SJ 40

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    Congrats on gettin what you wanted especially in these times.
    Been thinking of picking up a P-80 sub compact, when I can locate one in stock.
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  6. helitack32f1

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    Excellent! Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?! Hope the new gun works out well for you.
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  7. LT5 John

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    Ordered Trijicon night sights and some Talon grips. Once installed I will post pics
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  8. HJB

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    I have a request to notify me in to GT Distributors when they get one. Can buy right now on Blue Label program for $358. I also have the G19 and my IWB and OWB holsters both will also carry the G26.
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