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  1. jebarlow

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    I have done the due diligence and read the watched the books and videos. What I do not know is which machine to start with. I want to reload one at a time I am doing this as a project to enjoy for myself and not as a service to others. I shoot only once a week and have the rest of the week to get ready, so again My question is, which machine would be a good machine to reload 45 cal. ACP amuuition?
  2. SeventiesWreckers

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    I still use RCBS equipment from the 70's. Just a one at a time press, set up for .45 ACP, and .44 Special/.44 Mag. I don't think it will ever wear out.

  3. Happysniper1

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    I have been reloading for over 10 years, and still use the original RCBS RockChucker Supreme single-stage reloading press I bought when I bought my first handgun. It does the job reliably, with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty from RCBS, and I cannot justify the expense of a progressive press.

    My $0.02 cents.

  4. jebarlow

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    Well that's two for two, RCBS single-stage, Thank you.:)
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    When i started reloading 6 yrs ago i did the same research. Went with a Dillon 550. Loaded 10's of thousands of issues. A little maintenance here and there and good to go. Plus their customer service and warranties are GREAT! Highly suggest Dillon...a little more expensive but worth it in the long run...
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    I have a RCBS from the mid eighties I still use. I also use a Lee hand press a lot when I load pistol ammo.
  7. Captain

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    Keep in mind that once you start reloading you will in all probability start shooting more.

    I personally think that A lee Turret is a great press. Especially for someone new to reloading. It is inexpensive, easy to set up and relatively fast (100 rounds 35-40 minutes). If you decide on a Lee Turret be sure to get the upgraded "Pro" Auto Disk Powder Measure. It's only a few bucks more. The standard powder measure tends to leak fine grained powder a little but the Pro powder measure is designed a little differently and eliminates and powder leakage.

  8. I agree with the Captain..I have had a turret press since '89 and have reloaded more than I care to remember...Loading for multiple calibers is a breeze...just have a separate turret for each...saves set up time...

    Good Luck and Have Fun while you are saving money!
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    I use a RCBS Rockchucker. One cartridge at a time. Thousands under my belt. I find I reload to get away for a few hours. I'm in no hurry and have had no trouble with my green monster. It's kind of theraputic, or, as a non-shooter friend said, "I understand why you do it. It's repetitive motions with mechanical devices." Exactly.

    BLK RIFLE New Member

    I'll go with captain. I've loaded for a lot of years and had had no problems with Lee. In fact I just bought and set up a Lee Loadmaster and it works. great.