Never liked Glock Until now

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by RubenZ, May 7, 2012.

  1. Got a Glock 19 Gen 4, and shot it for first time yesterday and couldn't be happier. My Wife actually loved it as well. Recoil was cushioned and not hard compare to my 1911 and LCP. Had no problems whats so ever with the 200 rds we put. Ejections were fine, everything. It has the newer recoil spring.
  2. iamthedood

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    2 thumbs up ( I have the same gun & <3 it ) Glad you came over [​IMG]

  3. TheKraken

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    Welcome! I have a Gen4 G19 as well and love it.
  4. That good thing is I think the wife may want her own gun :) I wonder if she would like a 10mm ;)
  5. Ghost23

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    Haha yes. Go for the 29!
  6. dslmac2

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    Congrats on your G19. Now you can get and love G26, 17, and 34
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    Congrats on your Purchase Happy to hear your Satisfied

    Also CONGRATS on -
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    Congrats! I also have the 19 gen4, since march, 1000 rounds later, its my favorite. Very accurate out of the box.:D
  9. series11

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    Congradulations!!!! I was skeptical too at one point as people trash talked the "plastic toy". I then bought my G30 and love it still!!!
  10. Grabber GT

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    My gen 4 19 was my first gun and still is the one I use the most! Great choice.
  11. SHOOTER13

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    Congrats on a good choice...
  12. Great pick. I love my 19 too
  13. packnglock

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    Out of all my glocks i shoot my 19 the most
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    I love my Gen 3 G19. No better handgun than a Glock. Every flavor tastes great.
  15. good buy on the 19. I had a 19c in my hands untill I saw the 34 gen3.I wasn't a tupperware fan either untill I bought one now I have a 22c on order.I remember all the media about how this pistol will get thru and not be detected in the scanner!I was brought up on steel and wood for a firearm!I wish I handled a Glock sooner.My 34 is so accurate my CZ75 is becoming a safe queen!
  16. Birddogyz

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    Congrats, great choice. My wife (GAgal) has a 19 also. She shoots it in the local GSSF matches.
  17. Birddogyz

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    GMan, I was a 1911 guy, still am, but once I started messing with Glocks, I could not stop. we have the 17 (25th Ann.), 19,20,22,26,27,&34. Not done yet. Plan on getting another 17 gen 4 so the wife can use ir in the matches. I shoot my 34 more than any other gun in the safe.