Need help with aftermarket safety plunger

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by KCBlazer, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Thinking loud:
    Is it seated all the way in? Did you install it in the right order firing pin safety plunger, extractor, plunger? don't quote me on that order, i'm not a Glock Armorer. Just speaking from personal experience having disassembled my slide a few times, if I don't put these parts back in in the right order, the safety plunger/firing pin safety, sticks out too far.


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    I assume it is in all the way cause I can see the rod sitting against the ejector on the side and when I turn it upright the part doesn't fall out. But I am thinking maybe I didn't get it in all the way. Trust me if there is a way to mess it up. I probally did it. lol
    I did replace the firing pin with a Titanium one, but that went in without a problem and works fine. I took the back plate back off and put the stock one back in and cycled 30 rounds throught it and didn't have 1 problem. So I know it's probaly just something small and simple with the plunger. But this is my first time working on a gun.
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    From what I have heard, you have to make sure the plunger spring is in the correct way. I guess it can be flipped.
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    First clear the gun and remove the slide.

    Then remove the slide cover plate

    Remove the Firing Pin assembly

    Remove the Extractor Depressor Plunger (EDP) Assembly

    Press the Firing Pin Safety in and hold it while removing the Extractor

    Now remove the Firing Pin Safety (FPS)


    Ensure the little spring didn't end up sideways under the FPS.

    You can use the old spring that you removed if the new one got crushed or bent out of shape from being incorrectly installed. If the spring is attached to the base of the FPS it was installed correctly.

    Reinstall the FPS and then test it by pressing it in and allowing it to spring back out. It should have a fair amount of travel. Now if the FPS is functioning to your satisfaction press it in and hold it while installing the Extractor into it's cutout. The spring tension of the FPS will the Extractor in place.

    Now let's assemble the EDP assembly and install that.
    Place the rod and spring together (spring will only fit on one end).
    Place the black bearing on top of the spring

    Place the EDP into it's channel rod first so that the black bearing is sticking out the slide (next to where the slide coverplate will be)

    Insert the FP assembly into it's channel

    Re install the Slide Cover Plate.

    Test the FPS by holding it in and forcably shaking the slide back and forth. You should hear the FP assembly sliding back and forth in it's channel.
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    You know I thought about the spring being flipped over, but was so dang frustrated with it when I took it out I didn't think about flipping it over and trying again. I may have to try that tonight after I get home and see if I can cycle a clip through it and see if it ejects all the shells ok. The plunger and spring are still in exelent shape. The Spring fits up in the plunger and doesn't fall out easily. So I just put the spring in the plunger and dropped it and reassembled. then checked the plungers up and down movement. I am also thinking that maybe that aftermarket spring isn't stong enough and applying enough down force as needed. I think it's a little smaller around then the stock spring also.
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    Thx G23 I am not 100% sure I did this
    "Now if the FPS is functioning to your satisfaction press it in and hold it while installing the Extractor into it's cutout. The spring tension of the FPS will the Extractor in place."
    But I will make sure to when I try to reinstall it.
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    :eek:PLEASE DO NOT Cycle loaded ammo through the gun at home to check functions uless you have a safe place to shoot there on the property!:eek:

    I can only go by the proper names we use to discuss the parts. If you are calling the Firing Pin Safety a "plunger" it is confusing because both the Firing Pin Safety, and the Extractor Depressor Plunger (EDP) use springs.
    The Extractor Depressor Plunger is displayed above. The rod(11), needs to be placed against the extractor. (12)is a spring and (13)is the little black bearing.

    Yes the spring under the Firing Pin Safety fits snugly in place usually. If you find the spring is shorter you can certainly used the older, longer spring if you like. The manufacturer of the shorter spring is trying to reduce some drag (friction) on the trigger bar and that is why it is shorter.

    There is a Verticle Extention on the Triggerbar that presses the Firing Pin Safety up and out of the way of the Firing Pin. As long as there is some spring tension pressing the Firing Pin Safety downward you should be good to go.
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    Well I took it all apart and put it back together with the new FPS and ran 3 clips of dummy rounds through it and didn't have any jams. Thank you all for your help.
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    Thanks for letting us know the final outcome.

    Weekend is upon us, SHOOTIN TIME!!!!!:D
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    Awesome, glad to hear it.
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    Do you change this part out to save weight or something else?
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    Props to G-23.....